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Image of Putt-A-Bout GrassrootsEven the most casual golfer knows just how important putting is to their game and can make a drastic difference in lowering their handicap in as little time as possible.

So what better way to improve you game in the comfort of your own home by practicing on an indoor putting green?

Not all indoor greens are made equally, however. With hundreds to choose from it can be challenging to make the right choice, particularly if you only have a very general idea of what you’re looking for.

Therefore, we have written a buyers guide to help you out to ensure that you know exactly what it is that you should factor into your decision making process.

We have also recommended the best indoor putting greens on the market. We made sure to include selections that are suitable for different budgets and also different purposes. For example, a couple of recommendations are large enough to be suitable for the office, for more than one person to putt simultaneously, and to even chip on due to having more space to work with.


Indoor Putting Green Comparison Table

 Image of Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Image of Big Moss Augusta Image of StarPro Greens 10 x 3Image of SKLZ Accelerator ProImage of LevelGolf - Dual-Track ProEdgeImage of StarPro 9ft x 15ft 5-Hole Professional
Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Big Moss Augusta StarPro Greens 10 x 3SKLZ Accelerator ProLevelGolf - Dual-Track ProEdgeStarPro 9ft x 15ft 5-Hole Professional
Dimensions (Feet)3 x 94 x 123 x 101.35 x 9NA x 109 x 15
No. of Cups325225
Ball ReturnNoNoNoYesYesNo
Ability to Create BreaksNoYesYesNoNoYes


Indoor Putting Green Reviews

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots

Image of Putt-A-Bout Grassroots
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This putting green from Putt-A-Bout arguably offers the best value for money on the market. It measures 3 x 9 feet, which should suffice for most, and even comes with 3 cups.

The putting surface with its kidney-shaped design does a good job of accurately simulating putting on real greens, which is hugely impressed at this price range, and stays smooth to ensure a true roll.

The 3 cups are a much appreciated feature, particularly at this price at this price point, and there are even two sand trap cut-outs to catch missed putts, which is a feature that beginners will definitely like.

It’s worth noting that the cups are slightly smaller than standard cups, so you can work on better precision and this translates to better putts when the time comes to play a round.

The mat features a slight incline to improve your stroke, and it is also designed to have a non-skid backing to ensure it doesn’t slide around when putting.


Big Moss Augusta

Image of Big Moss Augusta
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Many avid golfers recommend Big Moss for improving their game indoors and it really isn’t hard to see why.

Not only are you able to putt on this mat but you can also chip, which anyone who is serious about improving their short game will love. This isn’t just because the mat measures 4 x 12 feet and is therefore larger than many other models on the market, but also because a chipping mat comes included.

The real strength of this mat is undoubtedly its true roll feel and surface. Even though the surface is of course synthetic it surprisingly feels, responds and rolls just like a real green.

The Break Snake is definitely worth a mention because it allows you to create unlimited contours instead of mindlessly hitting the ball in a straight line to the cup every time. It’s a feature that many state has helped them tremendously improve their putting, as you rarely get greens that have no break on an actual course.

Another nice touch of the Big Moss Augusta is how it comes with a backstop to stop balls from rolling off the mat.


StarPro Greens 10 x 3

Image of StarPro Greens 10 x 3
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If you’re looking for the most versatility at the best value for money, then this putting green from StarPro may be the one for you.

The surface measures 10 x 3 feet and you have the ability to create 5 cups – 3 at one end and 2 at the other end. The cups come with plugs to cover them too.

You also can change the speed of the greens and create contours, which is another reason why versatility is so great with this model. For more information on how this is achieved, click on the image on the right.

Some people may originally be put off this mat because 5 starballs come with it and they think that they are limited to just using these to putt. Don’t worry though, real golf balls can be used no problem.


SKLZ Accelerator Pro

SKLZ Accelerator Pro
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The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is one of the most affordable best indoor putting greens that comes with a couple of useful features that are invaluable for improving your game and for convenience.

The putting surface, which measures 1.35 x 9 feet, is designed in such a way to make it ideal for practicing putts at key lengths. At 3, 5, and 7 feet there is a precise alignment tool that ensures you are putting with the perfect stroke every time to not only improve your stroke, but also accuracy and control.

Some people don’t like mats that feature an upslope while others love them. The Accelerator Pro does in fact feature an upslope, which is designed to help you accelerate through the ball so you never leave a putt short.

A couple of other features worth mentioning include the automatic ball return for convenience purposes, and a surface that is designed to simulate real green conditions and is also engineered to have a similar stimp reading.


LevelGolf – Dual-Track ProEdge

LevelGolf - Dual-Track ProEdge
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The Dual-Track ProEdge is a great option if you’re looking to improve your game in as little time as possible thanks to the inclusion of a couple of handy features.

The surface measures 10.5 feet in length and there are 2 holes to aim at. While having 2 holes isn’t exactly a unique feature, the fact that one cup measures 3 inches wide and the other 2 inches wide is (a standard cup measures 4.25 inches wide). This trains you to ensure that your accuracy is greatly improved upon when it’s time to hit the links.

The surface features clear distance markings at 4, 6 and 8 feet, which is another handy feature that enables you to practice putts you regularly have trouble with. A tracking line can also be found along the distance of the mat to check whether you are putting with the correct motion.

Another feature that we and many other golfers love is the ball return system. This is smartly engineered to return the ball to exactly the length at which you are putting at.

You should also know that the mat features a slight upslope to get into the habit of never leaving putts short, the surface has a true roll and has a stimp of 9-10, and the mat rolls up for easy storage.


StarPro 9ft x 15ft 5-Hole Professional

Image of StarPro 9ft x 15ft 5-Hole Professional
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If you’re looking for a putting mat for the office, events, or are simply very serious about improving your putting, this model from StarPro is definitely one to consider.

The surface measures 9 x 15 in length (we told you it’s great for events and the office!) and is cut from what is considered the best putting turf in the world – Master Putting Turf. This inevitably ensures the most real putting experience available. Ball roll is unrivaled, as is its speed.

There are 5 holes to aim at all with good spacing between them, ensuring that more than one person can putt without disturbing others also putting at the regulation sized cups.

This putting green from StarPro is also the only one that can be installed and used outdoors, and boasts an 8 year outdoor warranty too. Indoor installation, on the other hand, boasts a lifetime warranty, so you really can be assured that this green is of the highest quality and one the company really believes in.


Indoor Putting Green Buyers Guide

What is An Indoor Putting Green?

An indoor putting green is a golf practice tool that features a surface that is made out of artificial turf to allow you to putt in your home, office, or really just anywhere where you have a bit of room to place the green. They vary from $30 all the way up to $1,000 and also differ in their size, speed, and true roll that accurately simulate real putting greens as much as possible.

Why Buy an Indoor Putting Green?

They are a great tool for helping you to improve your putting game in the comfort of your home without having to hit your local driving range or golf course. Every golfer knows just how important the short game and especially putting is in lowering their handicap. Indoor mats are therefore an invaluable tool to help you improve such an important part of your game little by little every day.

Factors to Consider

You shouldn’t go out and buy the first green that looks half decent without being aware of the following aspects. Keeping the following in mind will ensure that you will be happy in your choice.


Bigger is better doesn’t necessarily hold true in this case. When it comes to choosing the perfect size of an indoor mat you should take into account just how much space you have to dedicate towards the mat, also taking space for your stance into account, and your skill level.

Golfers with high handicaps are usually more concerned with sinking shorter putts, whereas low handicap golfers tend to prefer to work on longer puts, as they are already confident in their short putts ability. Of course, a longer mat also has the benefit of allowing players to work on both, and even gives players the chance to practice their chipping due to having more space on the green to work with. The longer the mat the more expensive it is though.

Some mats are also large enough for more than one person to putt at the same time. Therefore, if you’re planning on buying a mat for the golf shop or perhaps even the office it’s a good idea to purchase a larger mat that also have a few holes.


As mentioned earlier, models can vary in price from $30 to close to $1,000 for the very best indoor putting greens. Just like any other product, the quality is one of the main factors that influence the price, including just how durable the mat is and how true the roll is. Size is also a determining factor in just how much a mat costs.

Therefore, think about the purpose of the mat – i.e. shorter vs. longer mats, one person vs. more than one person putting at the same time – and if you want it to last for many years without any wear and ensuring that the ball consistently rolls truly over time.


Well-designed putting mats are designed to be durable and last as long as possible with heavy usage. The last thing any golfer wants is to spend money on a mat only to discover that creases appear in the middle of the surface and the edges curl after a short amount of time. Generally speaking, the more expensive a putting mat the better designed and more durable it is. It’s also important to ensure that a mat doesn’t have any apparent breaks or bumps.

A couple of other important aspects to consider that are tied into durability are just how easy the mat is to maintain and clean to ensure that it is kept in great shape over time.


While it’s true that the speed of the greens vary when you’re actually out there on a real course, you want to look for an indoor green that features a true roll. When we mention speed we are talking about ensuring that a green does not unnaturally speed up or slow down. This is typically down to the surface being too smooth and having too much friction.

Incline is another aspect to consider. Some greens come with steep inclines to help you get into the habit of never leaving putts short again. This can certainly be helpful for some, whereas others very much dislike this feature. This preference is purely down to you.


It’s certainly useful to purchase a green that gives you the ability to create breaks, as greens with no break at all are a rarity when you’re actually out there on the course. The best indoor putting greens that include this feature tend to be more expensive, and there are also various ways of creating breaks that you need to look out for. Some make it easy to create breaks, and some do not.

Ball Return

It’s certainly convenient to purchase a green that returns the ball automatically, but the trade-off is that mats that come with this feature tend to only have a couple of cups to aim at and they are also narrow.


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