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Image of Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic dartboards have become more and more popular in recent years and are even challenging traditional boards to become the number one way to play darts.

It’s no surprise really when you think of their benefits, which include ease of keeping score, safety, no damage, and suitability for the whole family including kids.

There are certainly a number of electronic models on the market that can make choosing the right one a tough choice if you have no idea what to look for. Therefore, after hours of research we bring to you the six best electronic dartboards that are suitable for all price ranges, are guaranteed to hold up after heavy use, can support a number of players, and in general feature everything a good electronic model should have. Don’t forget to check out our handy buyers guide too.

So regardless of whether you’re looking for a dartboard for your mancave, to have fun with your friends, to keep the kids entertained, simply because you love the game of darts and love the simplicity compared to a traditional dartboard, or for whatever other reason, we’ve got your back.


Electronic Dart Board Comparison Table


 Arachnid Cricket Pro 650Image of Arachnid Cricket Pro 800Fat Cat RigelRegent-Halex Millennia 1.0Viper Solar BlastViper 797
Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Fat Cat Rigel 13-Inch Regent-Halex Millennia 1.0 Viper Solar Blast Viper 797
Target Area (Inches)15.515.51315.515.515.5
No. of Games244035284335
No. of Game Variations132179305167187171
No. of Players88881616
Score Display (No. of Players Visible)442244
Darts Storage66612126
Power FunctionPower AdapterPower AdapterPower AdapterPower AdapterPower AdapterPower Adapter


Electronic Dart Board Reviews

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650

Image of Arachnid Cricket Pro 650
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The Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 is a great dartboard for everyone, but particularly if you take your darts seriously. It is a tournament quality board so you know that it can handle heavy usage. Being tournament quality, it is also of regulation size with its 15.5” target area.

One feature that we and many others love about this dartboard is how it has been cleverly designed to reduce bounce-outs. This is thanks to its micro thin segment dividers and is another reason why serious darts player are sure to love playing on this board.

Durability is what you would expect from Arachnid – the company that invented the electronic dartboard. The excellent durability of the board is down to NylonTough Segments that ensure the board can take years of abuse. This material also has the benefit of being quieter than the materials used in the construction of some other electronic models.

You can say that the sensors are highly responsive, which is always a plus, so accuracy is much, much better compared to many other models. 6 soft tip darts are included, as are extra dart tips.

24 games with 132 variations are included, which should be more than enough for everyone. Up to 8 players are supported, and there is even a player handicap feature so beginners and more experienced players can automatically play on a level footing.

A couple of other handy features include a player prompt that informs you when it is your turn to throw to ensure that the game doesn’t get slowed down; a 4 player score display (many boards only feature 2); and various functions like Solo Play, Sleep Mode, Reset, and Volume Control.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Pro 650 functions via a power adapter, which is included, and not batteries. Another good thing to know is that some find the darts take more effort to remove. This is great for serious players looking for a more satisfying, traditional feel, but for others it may take a bit of time to get used to.

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Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Image of Arachnid Cricket Pro 800
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The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is another great dartboard and is quite similar to the Pro 650, but there are some key differences that many feel justify its higher price tag. Pretty much all the features that the Pro 600 has the Pro 800 also has.

The board is regulation size with its 15.5” target area and can take heavy usage thanks to its NylonTough Segments. The same micro thin segment dividers are present, which do a great job at reducing bounce-outs. Accuracy is also fantastic due to the highly responsive sensors, and up to 8 players are supported.

The Pro 800 offers a higher number of games as one of its key differences– 40 games with 179 variations compared to 24 games with 132 variations, and 7 cricket games compared to 5, which many will undoubtedly appreciate.

The inclusion of the average point per dart feature is our and many others favorite addition, which simply tells you your average score per dart after each player’s round. The 3 Level Heckler Feature, which can be turned off and ranges from mild to unforgiving, is another nice touch that “harasses” players when bad darts are thrown and applauds good scores.

One other difference is how there is 4 Jumbo X/O Displays compared to the 2 Set of Tricolor LEDs on the 650, which certainly makes everything easy to read from a distance. The fact that darts don’t take a lot of effort to remove like they do on the Pro 650 is perhaps a feature that makes the Pro 800 more accessible to novice players too.

6 soft tip darts and included along with a few extra dart tips, and the Pro 800 also works via an included power adapter instead of batteries.

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Fat Cat Rigel 13-Inch

Image of Fat Cat Rigel
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The Fact Cat Rigel Dartboard is one of the most inexpensive options on this list and strikes a good balance between quality, features and price. Despite its low price, it is still one of the best models.

The first thing you should know about this board is that it has a 13” target face, so it isn’t regulation size. If you can get past this there is a lot to like. For example, there are 35 games, which should be enough for most, and support for up to 8 players.

One of the best features about this board and what took us by surprise is how there are 6 soft tip darts, which is standard, but a very generous 30 spare tips are included too. The inclusion of voice and sound effects, and a LED display with XO cricket are other welcome features.

Your darts more or less register accurately, but the accuracy clearly doesn’t compare to more expensive models. There are a couple of downsides, however, which thankfully have nothing to do with accuracy.

Some people feel that the sound is a bit on the loud side so it may be best to turn it off, and the interface isn’t quite as intuitive as other options when it comes to setting up games and scrolling through all the different options.

The Fat Cat Rigel functions via a UL adapter that is included in the box.

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Regent-Halex Millennia 1.0

Image of Regent-Halex Millennia 1.0
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The Regent-Halex Millennia 1.0 is certainly a very classy looking model with its integrated wood cabinet with built-in dart holders. Many feel that it makes a real difference in not affecting the décor in the room, particularly as the doors stay shut when closed.

It is regulation size at 15.5” and while it doesn’t come with as many features as more expensive options by Arachnid there is little to complain about.

28 games with 167 variations are included, which is one of the fewest on this list. But if you’re happy with the popular 01 games and a few cricket games this shouldn’t be a problem.

Two electronic scoring displays come built into the board and they also feature a dual dedicated X/O scoring window that is quite small, so might be hard to read from a distance.

Six soft-tipped darts and extra tips are included, and bounce-outs are minimal, which is always a key aspect of any good dartboard.

There is also a “trash talk” feature with 3 levels which many seem to either love or hate. It can be turned off though so this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem if it gets on your nerves.

Like the other highly regarded dartboards on this list, the Millennia 1.0 functions via a power adapter that is included.

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Viper Solar Blast

Image of Viper Solar Blast
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This dartboard from Viper offers a great alternative to similarly priced Arachnid models, particularly due to its many features.

As you might expect from one of the top dart boards, the Viper Solar Blast is regulation size (15.5”) and made from commercial grade nylon for durability purposes. It also features a decently sized catch ring around the board for catching any wayward darts. This same can be said about the display that offers a good distance between the target area to avoid wayward darts damaging it.

While many dartboards can only hold 2 sets of darts, the Solar Blast is cleverly designed to hold 4 sets of darts, as there are dart holsters on both sides of the board.

43 games with 187 variations are included, which is more than any other model on this list and is a great feature in itself. But the fact that up to 16 players can be supported is something that we and others appreciate even more. This makes the Solar Blast a great model for tournament play and for parties.

While many dartboards have a feature that allow you to play against the computer with 3 difficulty levels, this model allows team play against the computer, which certainly isn’t commonly found on other models.

The Led display measures 4 x 7 inches, which should be large enough for many, and there is also voice feedback. Up to 4 players can view their scores at any one time without having to scroll through the options, which is always a welcome feature.

The interface is quite intuitive thanks to the 11 buttons that give you easy access to eliminate scores, note a bounce-out, and so on.

6 soft tip darts are included along with 24 extra tips, mounting hardware, and a power adapter.

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Viper 797

Image of Viper 797
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Another great dartboard from Viper is the 797, which many argue is the best value for money model. It is quite similar to the Solar Blast, but there are a few differences that may make one opt for the Solar Blast over the 797.

The dartboard is regulation size (15.5”) and just like the Solar Blast can support up to 16 players, which is very surprising given its low price. Other similarities include a 4-player Cricket LCD Display (displayed under the target area instead of above it); the inclusion of 6 darts and 24 extra tips; mounting hardware; and a power adapter.

There are also 35 games with 171 variations, which is very generous and is comparable to more expensive models from brands like Arachnid.

Durability isn’t perhaps as good as the Solar Blast and other models due to thermoplastic segments being used instead of commercial grade nylon segments. But the board is still likely to be able to last a long time and handle heavy usage.

Other differences include the ability to hold 6 darts instead of 12, and you aren’t able to play against the computer.

You should also keep in mind that many retailers falsely state that the 797 runs on batteries. It doesn’t – just via the included power adapter like all models on this list.

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Electronic Darts Board Buyers Guide

What is an Electronic Dart Board?

We’ve all likely been in a pub or a bar where you find people throwing sharp looking missiles at a circular target. Darts is simply a game where one or more players usually start from 501 or 301 and keep on throwing darts until one person eventually reaches zero first.

Three darts are thrown by each person when it is their turn. Triple points are awarded when a dart lands in what is called the triple ring, double points when a dart lands in the double ring, 50 for the inner bull (bullseye), and 25 for the outer bull. A player must land a double with their last dart if they are to win the game, or hit the inner bull if 50 is required. Darts is a very simple game for sure, but one that takes a lifetime to master.

So whether you’re playing on a traditional board or electronic board the goal remains the same. The differences between the two are that soft-tipped darts instead of sharp ones are used, thousands of tiny holes cover the playing surface, and everything from scoring, the number of players and games etc. is handled electronically

Keep in mind that there are several different games that may have different nuances, but what is stated above is the standard game and the one that professionals play.

Why go Electronic?

There are a number of reasons why you should opt for an electronic dartboard over a traditional model.

Easy to Keep Score

Darts is a wonderfully addictive game, but for the mathematically challenged among us it can be hard to keep track of our score and know exactly what is required to finish a game off. An electronic model ensures that you don’t have to work out the scores in your head or use a calculator and write the scores down.


Steel darts are very sharp and can cause immense pain if they hit someone. Accidents can and do happen when playing darts. For example, hitting the metal wiring on the board and bouncing off is a common cause of injury that many players have experienced. There is no chance of this happening with electronic models though.

For the Whole Family

No parent would dream of letting their kids play darts on a traditional board due to the safety aspect just mentioned. But with soft-tipped darts the whole family can enjoy a game without any concerns. Darts, like air hockey tables,  is also a great way to keep the kids occupied and entertained for hours.

No Home Damage

Even the most experienced players throw a wayward dart every so often that misses the board and leaves an ugly hole in the wall. Now just think about what happens when complete beginners play! This becomes a thing of the past when you’re only using soft-tipped darts.

5 Different Types of Dart Boards

While complete beginners and even casual players may think that all dartboards are pretty much the same, there are in fact 4 different types.


Bristle dartboards are regulation sized and the ones that professional players play on. For this reason, they tend to be the most common and popular on the market. They are also very durable and last for a number of years, particularly due to the sisal fibers used in their construction that are self-healing.


No need to say much else about the best electronic dartboards, considering what this article is all about, but they are certainly very popular and have caused a real revolution in the game due to their accessibility and ease of use for everyone from kids to adults. Many bars are even opting for electronic models nowadays too, particularly the ones mentioned in this article.


Magnetic models simply feature darts that have magnetic tips on them that stick to the dartboard. These models are more or less considered to be toys and should be avoided by everyone – even kids considering just how much better electronic models are and the fact that they are equally as safe.


Cork dartboards used to be very popular a number of years ago, but have been long overtaken by bristle boards. This is because cork tends to wear out quite easily.


Again, wooden boards used to be popular years ago, but bristle boards have now replaced them. This is because wood tends to dry out and crack, requiring the owner to soak them overnight to keep them in decent condition.

Factors to Consider


Some models are priced at around the $50 mark whereas others go into the hundreds of dollars. If you’re a casual player who is just looking to play a game or two every so often with a few friends, an inexpensive model will likely suffice.  If you’re looking to hold tournaments then you’ll need to purchase a more expensive model – not just because of the fact that more players can be supported, but also because of the reliability and accuracy aspect.


It’s always a good idea to purchase a dartboard that comes with everything you need to start playing straight away. Therefore, check to make sure that there are enough darts and tips for your purpose, otherwise you’ll have to purchase these things separately.

Number of Players

This probably won’t be too much of a concern to many, as most models can support up to 8 players at the very least, but if you’ve got several people over who all want a game or are planning to hold a tournament, then you’ll certainly need a model that can support as many players as possible.

Number of Games

Some dartboards come with nothing more than the standard 501, 301 and a few other games built-in, whereas others come with dozens of different games – up to 50 in fact. Therefore, ask yourself how much variety you are looking for from a dartboard.

Power Supply vs. Batteries

It’s rare to see a dartboard that solely takes batteries to function, but they do exist. Typically, many function via a power adapter. Therefore, make sure you have a power source nearby.


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