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Image of LEM Products Vertical StufferThere are so many options on the market that choosing the best sausage stuffer can be quite a challenge. That is why we have done the research for you to bring to you just the six top models, including manual and electric options that are suitable for all price ranges.

We have also written a buyers guide that can prove to be useful if you really have no idea what you are looking for.


Sausage Stuffer Comparison Table


 Image of LEM Products Vertical StufferImage of Hakka StufferImage of LEM Products Sausage Stuffing KitImage of Super Deal Commercial StufferImage of Zeny StufferImage of Kitchener Stuffer
LEM Products Vertical StufferHakka StufferLEM Products Sausage Stuffing KitSuper Deal Commercial StufferZeny StufferKitchener Stuffer
All-Steel DesignYesYesYesYesYesNo
Stuffing Tubes342443
Capacity (lbs.)57-325775


Sausage Stuffer Reviews

LEM Products 5 Pound Stainless Steel Vertical Sausage Stuffer

Image of LEM Products Vertical Stuffer
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LEM sausage stuffers are considered to be the best and have been for quite some time. It’s easy to see why when you take a look at this specific model.

One of the very best things is the stuffer’s steel construction. Not only is the base made from stainless-steel, but so are metal gears.

This is paramount in ensuring that the stuffer lasts for many, many years to come, if not a lifetime. The metal gears are particularly important if you are planning on processing lots of meat, too.

The general consensus is that this is one efficient machine. You are able to stuff about 15-20 lbs. of meat in less than 30 minutes. Clean-up is a very quick and simply process, too. This is thanks to the cylinder being designed to be removed as easily as possible.

Three stuffing tubes are included. These include 1/2”, 3/4″, and 1”. If we were being fussy then we would say that it would’ve been nice if the tubes were made of steel too. But this is a minor moot point in the grand scheme of things.

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Hakka 7 Lb/3 L Sausage Stuffer

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This sausage stuffer from one of the best manufacturers in the industry, Hakka, has options ranging from 7 lbs. all the way up to 32 lbs.

Besides its all steel construction, which includes the frame, cylinder, side plates, trefoil nut, crank, and rod, a couple of much liked features include the two fill rates system and 2-speeds to choose from.

These both go a long way in giving you plenty of versatility and ensuring that the job can be done as efficiently as possible.

Unlike the LEM stuffer above this one from Hakka also includes stainless steel stuffing tubes. These range in size from  2/3″ (16mm), 5/8″(22mm), 1-1/4″(32mm) and 1-1/2″.

Clean up is as easy as it should be from one of the best sausage stuffers. The release valve, which is also thankfully pressure released, and silicon gasket come off just as easily as they go on.

You can also be safe in the knowledge that all parts that come into contact with the food are SGS food hygiene standard.

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LEM Products Sausage Stuffing Kit

Image of LEM Products Sausage Stuffing Kit
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Another LEM sausage stuffer but this time in the form of a kit, making it ideal as a gift or for beginners.

What makes this such a great gift or for beginners is that besides the 5 lb. stuffer you also get a home sausage making book; Backwoods Fresh Brat Seasoning (suitable for 5 lbs.); Backwoods Summer Sausage Seasoning (suitable for 5 lbs.); Backwoods Fresh Variety Pak (suitable for 5 lbs. each of Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Hot, and Breakfast sausage, along with a pack of Fresh Collage Casings, and 5 count of 1 1/2″ x 12″ Clear Fibrous Casings.

It’s also great to see that a starter kit doesn’t skimp on quality just because it is designed for beginners. The stuffer has a steel construction and most importantly so do the gears, so you know that it won’t break down, even after heavy usage.

The stuffer is also easy to clean due to all the components coming apart easily.

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Super Deal Commercial 7 Lb/ 3 L

Image of Super Deal Commercial Stuffer
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This sausage stuffer comes packed with features. Arguably, however, its best aspect is just how well-designed and sturdy it is. All components, from the base and gears to the stuffing tubes, are made of stainless steel.

There are two stuffing speeds to choose from, 4 stuffing tubes are included (2/3″,3/4″,1-1/4″,1-1/2″) , the stuffer is cleverly designed to be 90 degrees tiltable, and there is even a locking nut to prevent leaking.

Quality being guaranteed due to meeting SGS hygiene standard is another real plus too, as it just how easy the machine is to clean.

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Zeny 3L 7lbs Sausage Stuffer

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This sausage stuffer from Zeny pretty much ticks all the right boxes.

There is one issue you should be aware of though, which is that you are unable to reverse the orientation of the canister. This means that you are unable to choose which hand you can crank with.

Apart from that one issue, we love just how easy to use it is. There are two stuffing speeds to choose from, making the whole process very simple. The size of the canister is another real plus and is very well-liked by users and is something that sets this model apart from others.

Clean up also couldn’t be any easier, as the cylinder is easy to remove while also being easy to fill and clean. It’s also good to see that the opening at the base is large enough to clean without resorting to small, fine brushes that can take a long time to clean with.

The construction is all steel and this includes the gears, so you know that the stuffer will last a lifetime.

4 stuffing tubes are included: (2/3″,3/4″,1-1/4″,1-1/2″). The machine has also passed SGS hygiene standards.

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Kitchener 5-Lb. Stainless Steel Sausage Stuffer

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This sausage stuffer is a good option if you’re on a budget. Having said that, the reason it is less expensive than others is because the handle and gears are made of plastic.

If you’re not comfortable with this, as plastic parts are prone to breakage, it may be a better idea to spend a bit more and opt for one of the stainless steel models on this list.

Besides this , the stuffer performs well. It is easy to fill and clean, and there is also a steel-pressure valve which is always a welcome feature due to its ability to avoid blowouts.

One of the real selling points of this stuffer from Kitchener is also its space-sizing design. It has a capacity of 5 lbs. and can therefore hold just as much meat as a horizontal model, but due to having an upright canister it takes up much less space.

1/2in., 7/8in. and 1in. stuffing tubes are included.

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Sausage Stuffer Buyers Guide

What is a Sausage Stuffer?

A sausage stuffer is simply a device that is able to stuff meats, in this case sausages, into casings. There are a few different types of stuffers, which we will talk about below, including manual and electrical models.

Why Buy One?

While the process of stuffing meat into casings can be manually done, using one of the best sausage stuffers saves a significant amount of time. A machine is also likely to be able to do it better than any one person can too, regardless of whether you purchase a manual or electric model.

They used to be quite expensive but this isn’t the case anymore, so anyone can afford one. If you’re serious about meat then you definitely need to get your hands on one, particularly as they are easy to use and there are no safety concerns.

Different Types of Sausage Stuffers

There are a few different types to consider – horn, horizontal, and vertical.

Horn Sausage Stuffers

These stuffers are strictly manual. They are quite well-liked by people who are just starting out and also by those who only need to make small batches. This is because the capacity of horn stuffers ranges from approximately 3 lbs. to 5 lbs.

Horizontal Sausage Stuffers

Horizontal models are available in both manual and electric formats. Their maximum capacity is quite a bit higher than horn models. The maximum capacity is typically around 20 lbs, although they can range from 5 lbs. to 20 lbs.

One thing you need to be aware of is that if you opt for a manual model then it must be placed near the edge of a counter. This is because some clearance is needed as you crank the machine.

Vertical Sausage Stuffers

Vertical models are certainly the most popular option, regardless of whether someone is a complete beginner or professional. Just like horizontal stuffers, vertical models come in manual and electric formats.

Their capacity usually ranges from 5 lbs. to 15 lbs.

Factors to Consider


One of the most important factors to consider is just how many sausages you want to stuff. If it’s just a small batch, you should opt for a smaller model and vice versa.

Stuffing Tubes

Stuffing tubes give you the ability to stuff sausages of different sizes. Sizes may include 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch. Therefore, make sure the model you are interested in is able to offer you your desired size and enough versatility to change things up when necessary.


As mentioned above, there are three different types to choose from. They all achieve the same end results, but the process of getting there varies between the three. It’s a good idea to not only consider whether you prefer a manual or electric machine, but also the machine’s capacity, and whether it is a horizontal or vertical model.


The best sausage stuffers are usually made of steel, but they can also be made of plastic. The majority are made of steel, including the base, tubes, and gears. However, plastic stuffers are also available. Just because a stuffer is made of plastic it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is of low quality. Having said that, it is less likely to be sturdy and its parts may need replacing more frequently.


The top rated sausage stuffers should have some sort of indication that they are safe to use. What we mean by this is some sort of safety feature and certification, so you can rest easy that the stuffer doesn’t pose any danger.

Easy to Clean

If you’re planning on using the stuffer often you will certainly want one that is as easy to clean as possible. It’s also a good idea to look at models that require minimal maintenance, too. In the event that something does go wrong you also want to be able to find parts easily.


It’s always good to be protected in case something goes wrong with the stuffer. A standard warranty stands at 1 year, so if you’re thinking about purchasing a machine that is only guaranteed for a few months, be weary. The warranty is usually a good indicator of the quality of the machine.


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