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Image of Leather Honey Leather ConditionerIf you want to keep leather looking great it is paramount that you buy the best leather conditioner. Not all conditioners are made equal, however. The best ones are able to condition and nourish leather, drastically improving its appearance, strength, and flexibility

We have narrowed all the conditioners on the market down to just the top six and have also included a couple of leather cleaner options too. We have also written a buyers guide so you can become better informed about the options available to you.


Leather Conditioner Reviews


Leather Honey Conditioner

Image of Leather Honey Leather Conditioner
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Regarded by many as the best one on the market, particularly by leather craftsmen, this conditioner from Leather Honey should be your top choice.

Leather Honey have been selling this conditioner since 1968, and it is good to see that it is also made in the USA, so you can be assured of its quality and safety.

A single treatment impressively lasts for at the very least six months. It is also suitable to be used on all types of leather, regardless of whether you need to condition furniture, seats, upholstery, gloves, boots, purses etc.

The conditioner is designed to have no odor and is also not sticky at all. It works by penetrating deeper into leather than any other conditioner in order to fully hydrate each individual fiber.

It’s also a good idea to check out Leather Honey’s Cleaner too. It is specially formulated to work with the company’s conditioner to give unrivaled results compared to every other cleaner and conditioner combination.

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Meguiar’s G10916 Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Image of Meguiar's G10916 Gold Class Rich Leather Cleaner & Conditioner
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This is one of the most inexpensive products on the list and is also considered one of the top leather cleaner and conditioners for cars. It is designed to be suitable on most leather, but you’re going to get the best results in cars.

The Meguiar’s G10916 manages to clean, condition, and protect in one step due to its clean and condition formulation. Therefore, dirt and grime is removed, and the leather in your car is left with a supple look and feel, particularly due to aloe having been included in the product’s formula.

The delivery of the formula is different to many others, as it comes out of a spray bottle. UV inhibitors are also included in the formula to stop cracking, aging, and premature fading from occurring.

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Bickmore Bick 4

Image of Bickmore Bick 4 Leather Conditioner
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Arguably the best leather boot conditioner, the Bickmore Bick 4 manages to polish, clean, condition, and even act as a stain repellent on leather.

It is made in the USA, which is always good to see, and is best used on finished rather than unfinished leathers.

As mentioned, the conditioner is best used on leather boots, but is also effective on bags, furniture, shoes, jackets, and purses, to name a few. It is also highly effective on exotics too.

You should also know that the Bick 4 doesn’t affect the breathability of leather in the slightest, doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind, and also doesn’t darken leather.

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Leather Shines

Image of Leather Shines Leather Conditioner
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This is another conditioner that is made in the USA. It has multiple uses – shoes, luggage, handbags, saddles, belts, boots etc. – but is recommended by many as one of the best choices for furniture, both inside your home and in your car.

Like Leather Honey’s conditioner, this conditioner from Leather Shines uses the same, unchanged formula that was made decades ago – 60 years, to be precise.

The conditioner has a nice and thick consistency to it that allows it to go on easy and absorb quickly. Just as importantly, there isn’t a hint of odor or residue left behind either.

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Leather Nova Conditioner and Restorer

Image of Leather Nova Leather Conditioner and Restorer
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Yet another contender as top conditioner made in the USA, but this time it comes from Leather Nova. It is slightly more expensive than some other options on this list, but many feel that this is justified.

Firstly, an applicator comes included, which is a welcome addition and is designed to apply the conditioner as efficiently and effectively as possible – certainly much better than using an old t-shirt or cleaning rag.

While many conditioners state that they are multi-purpose and can be used on all leathers, but leave you disappointed, this conditioner from Leather Nova really is multi-purpose.

If you need to bring small leather accessories back to life, like belts, purses, wallets and bags, you can. The same goes for furniture in your home, car interiors and seats, sporting goods, and really anything that is made from leather – and yes, this even includes exotic leathers.

You should also know that the conditioner is different to many others in the sense that it does leave an odor behind. In this case, though, it is a welcome authentic, rich leather odor.

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Lexol 1013

Image of Lexol 1013 Leather Conditioner
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The last top rated leather conditioner on this list comes from Lexol. Considering that it comes in a 1 liter bottle, it is arguably the conditioner that offers the best value for money.

Lexol have been in business since 1933, and have perfected their formula so much that they have become the number one choice for many auto restorers and detailing professionals. However, the Lexol 1013 can also be used on many other items, including sporting goods, handbags, luggage and more.

The conditioner is able to extend the life of leather by increasing its strength and durability, all while keeping it both soft and supple. No odor or residue is left behind either.

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Leather Conditioner Buyers Guide

What is a Leather Conditioner?

A Leather conditioner can be thought of quite similarly to hair conditioner. The conditioner you use on your hair is designed to condition and nourish your hair, giving it strength, flexibility, and maintaining its beauty.

Leather conditioners do exactly the same thing, but are designed to be used on leather. They can also breathe new life into dry, worn out leather via adding natural oils to add shine.

Different Types of Leather

There are several different types of leather. Here we will touch upon the most common. This is important to know because some of the top rated leather conditioners can only be used on certain types of leather.

Unfinished Leather

Full Grain

Full grain leather is leather in its natural state. What this means is that is has not undergone any buffing or sanding. It is typically the most expensive type of leather.

Corrected Grain

This type of leather is the most commonly used on the market. In order to minimize any noticeable natural imperfections, the surface is sanded.


Nubuck has a soft, fine, suede like appearance due to having been sanded or buffed very lightly.

Finished Leather


This is leather that has been finished in such a way to show an aged appearance. This is achieved by using one color and then finishing it with another.

Aniline Finished

Aniline finished leather is designed to be the most natural of all the finished. This is because it is not common for any extra finish to be applied, apart from a very light finish in some cases. The leather has a soft feel to it.


Instead of using a dye finish, which is most commonly used, leather is either spray or roller coated. This enables the leather to be very long lasting, making pigmented leather the best choice for high wear areas.

Wax or Oil

This is leather that has simply been finished with wax or oil. This is done to achieve a flexible and soft look and feel to it.


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