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Image of Rocsai Hookah Washable HoseDon’t think that you’re limited to using the hose that came with your hookah. One of the beauties of hookah smoking is how many of the parts are interchangeable, which can result in a highly customized smoking experience.

You have a wide range of options to choose from, and we will help you choose the best one for your needs, including washable, cooling, and silicone hoses.

Hookah Hose Comparison Table


 Image of Texas Hookah Washable HoseImage of Rocsai Hookah Washable Hose Image of Social Smoke HoseImage of Mya Freeze Premium HoseImage of Texas V3 Hookah Hose Image of Pharaoh's Dagger Silicone Hose
Texas Hookah Washable HoseRocsai Hookah Washable Hose Social Smoke HoseMya Freeze Premium HoseTexas V3 Hookah Hose Pharaoh's Dagger Silicone Hose
TypeWashableWashableWashableWashable + CoolingWashable + CoolingSilicone
Size 72 inches78 inches81 inches72 inches75 inches 68 inches


Different Types of Hookah Hoses


A standard hose can be considered as the one that comes with your hookah right out of the box. They are usually of decent quality and get the job done, but there are better alternatives available.

Anyone who has been smoking a long time or smokes frequently usually looks to upgrade after a while, particularly as the one that comes included isn’t usually washable.


Washable hookah hoses are very popular. Why wouldn’t they be? They are designed to be washed easily, which is not only important for hygienic purposes, but also because you can avoid “ghosting”. Ghosting means being able to taste the flavor of your last session, even though you have just loaded a fresh bowl of a different flavor.

Keep in mind that you need to wait for the hose to fully dry before you can use it again otherwise you will inhale water. It’s recommended to wash the hose every time after use, although this is more of a concern if you’re changing flavors and not sticking to just one.

Wide Diameter

If you’re looking for the best hookah hose for thick smoke, you need to get yourself a wide diameter one. Naturally, they are wide and thick which results in you being able to draw in more smoke more easily. All options listed above are wide diameter models.


Cooling hoses are great for beginners or those who are sensitive to smoke. As you may expect, given their name, they are designed to cool the smoke as it passes through the hose. This means a less harsh inhale and thus a more enjoyable smoking experience.

You may be wondering why you can’t just place some ice in the base of a hookah. You can, but using a cooling hose is better because they are more convenient, don’t take away from the flavor, and don’t change the water level.


Silicone hoses have gained in popularity in recent years. They are typically made of high-quality, medical grade silicone. They tend to be lighter and more flexible than other hoses, and work great to counteract ghosting.

Factors to Consider

Gauge Size

The size of the gauge is important because it influences the pull. Large gauge hoses have an easier pull, whereas small gauge hoses have more of restricted pull. Think about the kind of draw that you prefer – easier or more restricted.


Some hoses have very basic designs, whereas others are more colorful and just have quite a cool look to them. This is purely down to preference and won’t change the quality of the hose, but it’s something to consider.

Handle Material

Some people prefer to use wood handles because they have a nice feel to them, but they are also more fragile. So if you’re smoking with a large group of people it can be a concern that the hose will become damaged.

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