Best Glue for Rubber

Gluing rubber can pose quite a challenge, particularly due to its flexibility. There are several glues that are able to do a decent job, but only a handful that do an excellent job.

It’s also important to consider whether you’re gluing to plastic, metal, rubber, or wood. While some glues are versatile enough to be effective on all these surfaces, you should stick to one that really does excel at the job at hand.

This is why we have made sure to include the best glue for rubber for all of these surfaces, instead of recommending just one glue for everything.

Rubber to plastic

If you need to glue rubber to plastic Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue is what you need. It is rubber toughened to ensure that it is water and impact resistant, including against twisting and pulling.

It has a thick, no-drip consistency, and the applicator allows for precision which is always a plus.

The glue comes in a 4-gram bottle, works in all temperatures and conditions, dries clear, and sets without clumping.

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Rubber to metal

There are only a few glues that are capable of gluing rubber to metal, but the Amazing GOOP 130012 tops the list.

It really is one of the strongest adhesives available, and also has the benefit of being quite versatile, so you use it on a variety of surfaces.

The glue is designed to be temperature resistant, so it is guaranteed to remain flexible in even the extremist of conditions. It is also waterproof, dries clear, and dryer/washer safe. It comes in a 3.7 oz. tube.

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Rubber to rubber

3M 80 Rubber and Vinyl Adhesive Spray is hands down the best glue for rubber to rubber purposes, particularly as it is designed specifically for this purpose (along with vinyl). If you need to glue rubber shoe soles, this is perfect.

Don’t let the fact that it comes in a spray bottle put you off. The glue is still very high strength, sets quickly, and is resistance to high temperatures.

Due to coming in a spray bottle it also comes in handy when you need to cover large areas, and it is easier to use than a precise tip applicator.

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Rubber to wood

Another product from 3M is this Spray Adhesive. It is generally accepted as being the best glue for rubber to wood.

It has all the features that you would expect from a 3M product, including a fast dry time of 1 minute, high contact bond strength, and a high temperature resistance.

The difference is that it excels at bonding to wood. It comes in a 17.6 oz. spray bottle that is non-misting and delivers precise spray control.

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