Best Glow in the Dark Paint

Image for Aurora Bright Green by SpaceBeamsGlow in the dark paint can be great fun and has multiple uses. Whether you’re looking to create some artwork, paint clothing for a special event like Halloween, paint some signs or fishing lures, or paint the walls and ceilings in a home, we have you covered.

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We have listed the best paints for all price ranges and for all uses. We have also made sure to include a buyer’s guide because we’re sure that some of you have never used this special kind of paint before, so we want to ensure that you use it as effectively as you can your first time.

Please Note: We usually recommend 6 products. In this case, however, we have only recommended 5 of the best glow in the dark paints. This is because it is notoriously difficult to find glow in the dark paint that isn’t anything other than useless. Therefore, we didn’t want to include any options that wouldn’t live up to the quality you would expect.


Glow in the Dark Paint Reviews

Aurora Bright Green by SpaceBeams

Image for Aurora Bright Green by SpaceBeams
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Whether you’re looking to paint walls and ceilings, clothes, signs, create artwork, house numbers, or anything else really, including wood, fabric, plastic, metal surfaces, etc. you can’t go wrong with this paint from SpaceBeams.

The color of the paint is green, which if you read our buyer’s guide below will tell you that it is the very best color for glowing in the dark. When an object is painted it appears as a vivid bright green in the dark, and a cream color in daylight.

The paint has the benefit of requiring a very short charge – only 10 seconds with the use of a UV flashlight – and impressively lasts for several hours after one charge. The paint also dries very quickly – in as little as 5-10 minutes – and just a little bit goes a long way.

There’s no doubting that this paint also offers excellent value for money. You get 0.68 fl oz. of paint compared to three quarters of that for the same price when compared to many different other brands.

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Tulip 6-Pack 3D Fashion Paint, Glow

Image for Tulip 6-Pack 3D Fashion Paint, Glow
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This paint from Tulip is a great choice if you want to make your artwork and clothes glow. It is also very reasonably priced, considering just how effective it is.

6 paints are included with easy to squeeze bottles that distribute the paint easily, ensuring that people of all ages can use them easily. In fact, each bottle features a fine-point tip for precise application, which is something that anyone creating artwork will appreciate.

The paints also have the benefit of being permanent and can handle repeated washings without a sign of any cracking or peeling.

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Astro Glow, Light Green

Image for Astro Glow, Light Green
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This paint from Astro Glow is a fantastic option for everything except painting walls. This is because the bottle is quite small and it would require several coats to be satisfied with the results when painting large areas such as walls.

It comes in a 0.54 oz. container and has impressive lasting glow whereby the object painted lasts until morning with a quick charge under UV light.

The paint dries clear, which is always a plus if you want it to be invisible to the naked eye during daylight.

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Ultra Green V10

Image for Ultra Green V10
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The Ultra Green V10 is a very popular paint for artwork, although those needing to paint signs and fishing lures will be just as pleased. It comes in a 0.5 oz. container and is considered to be professional quality. The container should cover 18 square inches, which is pretty good for its price

The paint is long lasting, and we really do mean long lasting. The paint loses just 5% of its brightness after 10 years, which is hugely impressive. However, this is only achieved when the paint is applid thickly – as it should be. Recharging the paint via a UV light takes a minute or two for objects to glow until into the morning.

The paint takes about 10 minutes to dry and is invisible to the naked eye during daylight hours.

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UV Glow Blacklight Neon Fabric Paint – Set of 6

Image for UV Glow Blacklight Neon Fabric Paint - Set of 6
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If you’re looking for the best glow in the dark paint for fashion purposes, you have found it. It’s also worth noting that the paint can be used on any cloth or fabric based surface. Each container measures just a little over 1 oz. and there are 6 colors that come in each set.

This paint from UV glow is different to others on this list in the way that it is used for occasions like festivals and clubbing – or to put it another way any event where there will be UV lighting or blacklights.

Therefore, the paint doesn’t hold a charge to glow, rather it glows when a blacklight or UV light is present. Under these conditions the paint glows vividly, but under daylight the colors appear as bright neon.

The paint is easy to apply thanks to each container containing a nozzle tip for precise application. It is recommended that a hairdryer be used for drying the paint after application.

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Glow in the Dark Paint Buyers Guide

What is Glow in the Dark Paint?

Glow in the dark paint is a special kind of paint that, you guessed it, glows in the dark. This is achieved by making paint with special ingredients, including Strontium Aluminate, which is both solid and odourless.

However, just mixing Strontium Aluminate in paint will not achieve the desired effect. Europium Crystals also have to be added to ensure that the paint will become phosphorescent – i.e. glows in the dark without producing heat.

Strontium Aluminate with Europium Crystals is the best way of making paint glow, but it is not the only way. Zinc sulphide instead of Strontium Aluminate can also be used, but the results aren’t long lasting. This is why it is ideal for body paint.

How long Does the Paint Glow for?

Even though Strontium Aluminate with Europium Crystals is the best current way of making paint glow, it still isn’t very long-lasting. This is where recharging comes into play. Recharging simply means shining UV light onto the object you have painted to make it glow again.

If you’ve ever used glow paint before and wondered why the instructions tell you to place the paint in direct sunlight for a few hours, you now know that this is to ensure that the glow lasts longer in the dark. You may have also noticed that in the winter the glowing effect is weaker – this is down to weaker UV light from the sun compared to the summer months.

To get around this issue and keep the paint glowing from January to December, it is a smart idea to purchase a UV black light.

Are There Any Health Risks?

There is a common misconception that paint that glows is radioactive. While it is easy to see why some people think this the idea is absurd. For one, a radioactive substance would never be allowed to be released on the general market.

Which Glow in the Paint Colors Are Best?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make all colors glow as brightly as each other, even for the top glow in the dark paint brands. Green is considered to be the color that glows the most and the for the longest time due to being a natural pigment for Strontium Aluminate with Europium Crystals; the same applies to aqua.

The next best color is blue, producing a nice medium to long glow, and then after that it becomes much tougher. Getting lilac, white, orange, pick and red is possible, but it requires much more effort and cost.

How to Use Glow in the Dark Paint

On Clothing

You would think that this paint would be easy to use. Simply apply the paint on an object and it will glow. While this is certainly true for clothing it isn’t for painting walls and ceilings.

On Walls and Ceilings

If you want the best results on walls and ceilings, make sure to follow these tips:

  • If the wall has already been painted AND has properly been sealed, simply apply the paint using thin, even layers.
  • If not, you must apply a sealing layer – a solvent or water base is best for this.
  • Next, paint using a base color layer. This is because it is expensive to paint an entire wall or ceiling with glow in the dark paint and most people usually don’t want the entire area to glow.
  • The last step is to use glow paint as the final coat.

Additional Tips

  • Ensure that any painting is done in the dark and under a UV light
  • The surface that you want to paint should be white or some other light color
  • It’s smart to apply thin layers and then reassess with a UV light to spot if there are any uneven areas, instead of applying thicker coats right away. Most people find that they need at least 3 coats of paint.
  • To protect the glow, use an Epoxy Protector or a couple of layers of Clear Spray Paint