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Not only does chamomile tea taste great, but it also boasts many health benefits. From faster wound healing, boosting your immune system, and promoting healthy skin, to fighting cancer, helping diabetes sufferers, and promoting sleep, chamomile has it all.

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These benefits aren’t just anecdotal either – they have been backed by studies from some very established journals.

We have done the research for you to find out the best brands on the market that can be counted on to give the results you are looking for.


Best Chamomile Tea Reviews

Stash Tea Chamomile Herbal Tea (100 Count – 1 Pack)

The Stash Tea Chamomile Herbal Tea is sourced in Egypt, which is known as one of the best locations in the world to source chamomile. This is due to the country’s ideal climate and rich history with cultivation, dating back to Ancient times. The tea, however, is blended in the USA.

100 individually foil-wrapped tea bags are included in each box. When brewed the tea gives off a delightful apple fragrance and flavor with a golden color to it.

With 100 tea bags being included in each box, this tea from Stash Tea also has tremendous cost saving benefits. Some other manufacturers offer far fewer tea bags at the same price.

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Celestial Seasonings Chamomile Herbal Tea (120 Count – 6 Packs)

Celestial Seasonings’ Chamomile Tea has a delicate aroma and sweet floral taste that sets it apart from other tea brands. When brewed the tea has a rich golden color to it.

No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives are used, which is what every good tea brand should strive to avoid using, and the tea is also caffeine tea.

120 tea bags are included, divided by 6 packs of 20. The tea bags are also stringless to avoid waste too.

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Tea (96 Count – 6 Packs)

The Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile Tea works out slightly more expensive than others. You are given 16 tea bags per pack, amounting to 96 tea bags in total.

It’s good to see that all teas that Traditional Medicinals sell, including their chamomile tea, are 100% Fair Trade certified and also 100% guaranteed to be organic. It’s also worth noting that absolutely no stems or leaves are used in the manufacturing process either.

The taste can be described as bittersweet with a touch of honey. The smell is wonderfully floral.

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Choice Organic Fair Trade Chamomile Herbal Tea (48 Count – 3 Packs)

This Fair Trade tea from Choice Organic comes in slightly smaller counts than others on this list. There are 16 tea bags per pack, amounting to 48 in total from the 3 packs.

The tea is not only Fair Trade Certified, but also USDA organic, and Non-GMO Project Verified too. It’s also good to see that the tea bags are staple-free, unbleached, and only natural fibers have been used. The box is also 100% biodegradable and 100% recycled, which is always a plus.

The taste can be described as having a deep body and lingering sweetness to it with a delicate floral flavor.

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Taylors of Harrogate Organic Chamomile Infusion (100 Count)

One of the more expensive yet best chamomile teas on this list comes from the wonderfully named Taylors of Harrogate, who have been around since 1886.

It’s fair to say that they know a thing or two about tea, particularly as it is an English company!

The company only uses organically-grown chamomile for its better purity and flavor, so you can be assured of its quality. No added colors or flavors are to be found their Organic Chamomile Infusion Tea.

A single box includes 100 tea bags.

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Twinings Pure Camomile Tea, Keurig K-Cups (24 Count)

The last best chamomile tea on this list comes from the very well-known Twinings. If you’re looking for a tea to use with your Keurig brewing machine then your search is over.

Each box of Twinings Pure Camomile Tea contains a count of 24, although many tea lovers have found that they can use a cup more than once just fine.

100% pure golden camomile is used, with each giving off a relaxing floral aroma and light, delicate flavor.

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Chamomile Tea Buyers Guide

Why Drink Chamomile Tea?

There are several reasons why chamomile tea is one of the most popular teas around. You may already have read dozens of benefits online, but not all of these have been supported by studies. This is why we will primarily focus on studies, not anecdotal evidence, in this section.

Tastes Great

There’s no need to consult a study to tell you that chamomile tea tastes great. As many health benefits as there are to this tea, this is likely the one that keeps tea drinkers all around the world coming back to it. The taste may not immediately appeal as some drinks do, but after a few cups there is no going back.

Minimize Muscle Spasms

A study carried out in England showed that chamomile tea is able to raise a compound that is known to calm muscle spasms. This compound is glycine.

Faster Healing

It has been documented that since Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt times chamomile tea has been used to speed up healing of cuts and wounds. In one study, rats given chamomile water were able to heal faster than those who weren’t. You can also recover more quickly from a cold by drinking chamomile tea.

Fight Cancer

The jury is still out on this and more research is needed, but there have been studies that chamomile can reduce cancerous cells by reversing or shrinking abnormal growth of these cells. This is likely down to the flavonoid called apigenin.

One study in particular was very promising, stating that there is a 70 per cent less cancer of developing thyroid cancer for people who drank chamomile tea six times a week


A decent amount of research has been conducted to see how people with diabetes react to chamomile tea. The data looks promising – it helps those with diabetes by reducing blood sugar levels, along with reducing the risk of kidney and nerve damage.

Healthy Skin

Due to chamomile’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties it can help promote healthy skin, particularly for those who suffer from specific skin conditions, like acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Lighten Skin

Applied topically, chamomile can help lighten blotchy skin. Boiling a couple of cups with a couple of tea bags, and then placing your face near the steam is another commonly used method. Don’t forget about its ability to reduce dark circles either. Not only does chamomile reduce inflammation, but it also tightens the skin to given it a more vibrant look.

Promotes Sleep

While tea isn’t as bad as coffee in keeping you up at night, chamomile tea, in fact, is able to promote sleep. A study showed chamomile tea to act as a sleep-inducer and mild tranquilizer when taken 30 minutes before bed. Apigenin is the flavonoid responsible for this.

Different Types of Chamomile Tea

You may think that chamomile comes from a single species, but this isn’t the case. Chamomile is actually a name given several daisy-like plants that come from the Asteraceae family.

One of the most common species is called Matricaria recutita, which you may better know as German chamomile. It is the species that is most commonly sold.

Matricaria chamomilla, which is also known as Water of Youth, is another commonly used species, as is wild chamomile. Chamaemelum nobile, Roman, English or garden chamomile are also quite common.

Are There Any Dangers?

While drinking the best chamomile tea has many health benefits, there are also a couple of things you should know about.

While chamomile tea isn’t necessarily dangerous in and of itself, the biggest risk you have to be aware of is how it acts as a blood thinner. Some people can also have allergic reaction to chamomile – reactions that are severe are very, very rare though. If you know you are allergic to the Asteraceae family of plants, chamomile probably isn’t for you.


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