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Image of Kiss Products 100 Full Cover NailsWhen it comes to press on nails, you have two options. You can either visit a salon to get them done or apply them yourself at home.

Applying them yourself certainly works out much cheaper, and applying false nails is definitely a skill that you want to master due to how often you will wear them throughout your lifetime.

After a couple of applications you will get the hang of it in no time, saving you a small fortune and plenty of invaluable time.

We’ve chosen the best press on nails and have also written an extensive buyers guide that covers what options are available, their pros and cons, some precautions to take, along with a few tips.


Press on Nails Comparison Table


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Press on Nails Buyers Guide

Why Buy Press on Nails?

The main reason is that that have an attractive appearance. Even if you already have beautiful, natural looking nails, your own can’t compete with press-ons. They are also popular with people who have a habit of biting their nails and those who want to cover up damaged or otherwise unsightly nails too.

How Long Do They Last?

Press on nails last for approximately 10 days. This is the typical length of time, although it is also dependent on what you put your hands through on a daily basis, so they can last for a shorter amount of time or longer than this.

Types of Press on Nails

There are several different types of false nails to consider, including acrylics, gels, and silk and fiberglass nails.


Acrylics are the most popular option and what people think of when they hear press on nails. They can be quite challenging to apply for a novice, but last a long time. The upkeep required are regular touch-ups every couple of weeks. They don’t have a natural appearance and are quite thick.

Keep in mind that if you are pregnant you should opt for acrylics that contain ethyl methacrylate instead of methyl methacrylate, as the latter can be absorbed through the nail plate and can pose a potential health threat.


Gel nails are somewhat easier to apply than acrylics and also have high longevity. Every four or so weeks they must be refreshed to keep them looking their best. They have quite a natural appearance and aren’t very thick.

It is in Europe more than anywhere else where this type of nail is most popular. This is largely down to their more natural appearance, and the fact that they are more flexible and lightweight. They are popular with women who also want to grow out their own nails healthily.


Sculptured nails are just as challenging to apply as acrylics, but they have the highest longevity of all the four different types of nails. They don’t look particularly natural and are quite thick.


The last nails are called wraps. They are the easiest to apply, require a low amount of upkeep, are quite thin in their appearance, and have a natural appearance.

Shapes of Press on Nails

False nails come in several shapes, including oval, squoval, square, round, and almond. As it is sometimes difficult to find a set of nails you like that come in your preferred shape, some women opt to file down to achieve the desired look.


Oval shaped nails are ideal if you have narrow or wide nail beds. This is because adding a nice tip to them that can flatter your fingers.


Square nails are popular with women who have a large nail bed.


Squoval is a play of the words square and oval. This shape has gained in popularity in recent years.


The round shape gives the illusion of a thinner nails, which is ideal for women with wide nail beds. They are also perfect if you want short nails.


The last shape is almond that gives your nails a cat claw like appearance. This shape manages to give the appearance of slender and longer fingers.

Home vs. Salon Visits

There’s no doubt that visiting a salon and getting a professional to apply press on nails can lead to better results for a complete novice. However, this inevitably works out more expensive and the time taken to visit the salon, wait around for them to be applied, and go home just isn’t worth it for many.

Furthermore, while it may take you 30-40 minutes at home to apply the nails if you have never done so before, once you get the hang of the process it only takes around 20 minutes. The results are comparable too.

Removing Fake Nails

There will come a time when you will inevitably have to remove the nails. This certainly shouldn’t be done by pulling them off, as this can not only cause damage to your nail beds but also cause infections.

Acrylics are the toughest to remove. This consists of soaking them in either acetone or nail polish remover for around 15 – 20 minutes. This causes the glue to loosen, at which point they can be pulled off. There’s a bit more to it than that, so it’s best to watch a YouTube video so you can visually see the entire process. Gel nails are removed via the same method, but require less soaking time.

It’s easy to remove wraps by soaking them in nail polish remover for just 20 – 30 seconds and then rubbing them off gently.


-Make sure that your nails are dry before you apply any glue. Failing to do so can mean that moisture gets trapped between the press on nails and your natural nails, which can result in a bacterial or fungal infection.

-It’s not a good idea to apply fake nails if you have overcut your cuticles and are they are bleeding. It’s recommended to wait until they heal first.

-It’s always wise to keep a spare bottle of nail glue in your purse or at your workplace. It isn’t unheard of for even the best press on nails to unexpectedly pop off at some point, so you’ll want to be able to reapply them as quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

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