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Image for KI Store LED Lighted Makeup MirrorIt’s no secret that rooms have different lighting and applying makeup in a well-lit or dimly-lit room can lead to drastic, often unintended results when you step out the front door and into the world.

You may have the best cosmetics for your skin type in the world, but if applied under poor lighting it’s hard to look as good as know you can look.

Enter lighted makeup mirrors. These mirrors are great because they replicate natural light and allow you to see fine details that you may miss when using a standard mirror, so you can be confident that you look your best every time you step outside.

Not all mirrors are made equally, however, and certainly not lighted mirrors. This is why we have listed the best lighted makeup mirrors on the market that are suitable for all price ranges and feature the high quality that you would expect when parting with your hard earned money. We have also included a buyer’s guide to answer some of the most popular questions you may have.


Lighted Makeup Mirror Comparison Table


 Image for simplehuman Sensor Mirror Image for KI Store LED Lighted Makeup MirrorImage for Conair Reflections LED Lighted Collection MirrorImage for Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Round MirrorImage for Daylight LED 10X Magnifying Travel Makeup Mirror Image for 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror by Fancii
simplehuman Sensor Mirror KI Store LED Conair Reflections LED Conair Natural DaytimeDaylight LED 10X Travel Mirror 10X Magnifying Mirror by Fancii
Adjustability (Degrees)180180360360360360
InstallationWall-mounted (Hard-wired or Rechargeable) or CountertopCountertopCountertopCountertopCountertopCountertop
Power SourceRechargeable or Power Adapter 4 AA Batteries3 AA BatteriesPower Adapter3 AA Batteries3 AA Batteries
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Lighted Makeup Mirror Reviews

simplehuman Sensor Mirror

Image for simplehuman Sensor Mirror
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The simplehuman Sensor Mirror is simply the most highly regarded lighted makeup mirror on the market, but that also means that it doesn’t come cheap. It boasts a wide range of intelligent features, has a stylish modern design, and is backed by a very generous warranty.

The simplehuman mirror has some great features going for it, but our favorites are probably the the built-in sensor, and the Tru-lux light system that simulates natural sunlight far more accurately and is twice as bright as comparably priced mirrors on the market. This sensor is able to sense when your face is close to the mirror and then automatically lights up; when done, it automatically switches off.

The magnification stands at 5x, which is certainly more than enough to ensure that you can see the fine details of your face clearly due to the quality of the mirror (i.e. 10x isn’t needed), so you can apply your makeup and tweeze your eyebrows perfectly, and so on.

We also really appreciate the warranty that stands at 5 years, particularly as simplehuman are very good at honoring this warranty with no questions asked and no hassle.

One last feature worth mentioning is the mirror’s adjustability. To ensure that you are always guaranteed a clear and comfortable view in any position, the mirror tilts back fully.

The mirror is available in countertop and wall-mounted options. The wall-mounted options are either hard-wired or rechargeable, with a single charge via a USB cable and adapter (both included) giving up to 5 weeks of use.

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KI Store LED Mirror

Image for KI Store LED Lighted Makeup Mirror
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One of the most inexpensive yet best lighted makeup mirrors on this list comes from KI Store, making it great for those who are on a budget but are still looking for quality. It is also quite small, making it a good choice for those looking for a mirror for travel. Although it’s worth noting that the base can’t be folded, but it can be detached for travel purposes.

It’s good to see that the mirror is resistant to heat, finger prints and scratches, which is another reason that makes it a good choice for travel. It is also rotatable by 180 degrees and is cleverly designed to stay fixed in any position.

The mirror itself is made from ABS plastic with a UV coating and does a good job at providing enough bright natural light without being overly harsh. There are 21 LED lights located just before the edges of the mirror, and as they are LED they don’t burn out.

A compact 10x magnification spot mirror is also included, which is definitely appreciated, particularly considering just how inexpensive the main mirror is.

The mirror requires 4 AA batteries to function, and also comes in two equally stylish colors – black and white.

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Conair Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror

Image for Conair Reflections LED Lighted Collection Mirror
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This mirror from Conair, which is one of the most popular brands of lighted makeup mirrors, is another very reasonable priced option to consider. Due to its low price it has quite a no-thrills design, but is one of the best for its simplicity yet quality and effectiveness.

The mirror utilizes LED bulbs that never need replacing and consume 70% less energy than regular bulbs to provide just the right amount of light to see your face in detail. However, keep in mind that you should already be in a decently lit room for the mirror to work its best – the simplehuman mirror this is not.

There are three settings on the base of the mirror – Off/High/Low – and 3 AA batteries are required for it to function. The mirror has an oval design and measures 8.5 x 6.5 inches, which is plenty to see your entire face without any problems.

The mirror also rotates 360 degrees, which is always a plus, with 1x magnification on one side and 7x magnification on the other side, and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror

Image for Conair Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror
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Another option from Conair that makes this list is the Natural Daytime Lighted Round Mirror. It is a little bit more expensive than our previous pick from Conair, but we and many others feel that this is justified.

There are many similarities with our previous pick from Conair, such as the 360 degree rotation with normal and increased magnification on each side, and the 8.5 inch diameter, but there are also a few key differences.

These differences include more magnification – 10x compared to 7x – and perhaps just or even more importantly is how this mirror provides more brightness. Fluorescent lighting instead of LED is also used, which explains the brightness – said to be up to 30% brighter.

The mirror also has a slightly thinner profile and requires a power cord (included) to function instead of batteries, which many will appreciate due to the fact that new batteries won’t have to be purchased every few months. Of course, the trade-off is that the mirror isn’t quite as portable.

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Daylight LED 10X Magnifying Travel Makeup Mirror

Daylight LED 10X Magnifying Travel Makeup Mirror
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Many options on this list can be used for travel purposes, but it is perhaps this mirror that trumps them all. This is mainly down to the fact that the mirror takes just ½ square foot of space when folded and the mirror itself is only 6 inches in diameter. Of course, it is also cordless and thus battery operated, requiring 3 AA batteries to function.

It’s surprising to see such a compact, well-designed travel mirror feature 10x magnification, but we’re certainly not complaining. The same applies to the easy-lock suction mechanism that enables you to attach the mirror onto any flat, hard surface with a simple twist that is surprisingly very secure. The swivel also stands at a full 360 degrees, so you can place it into a perfect position.

The last thing to mention is the mirror’s brightness capabilities. It’s good to see that you aren’t limited to just one setting. On the default setting the Natural Daylight LEDs provide a generous amount of brightness that should be enough for most. However, there is also an option to make the brightness dimmer, which isn’t something that all mirrors can boast.

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10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror by Fancii

Image for 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror by Fancii
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This makeup mirror from Fancii really is quite similar to our previous selection in many ways, but there are a few key differences that may make someone choose this one over the other and vice versa.

Firstly, the similarities: the magnification stands at 10x, there is an easy-lock mechanism, 360 degree adjustable swivel, it takes up just 1/2 square foot in your luggage, 3 AA batteries are needed for it to function, Natural Daylight LEDs are used, and the price is quite similar.

There aren’t too many differences, but these are the key ones. The mirror is slightly smaller in diameter, measuring 5.2 inches instead of 6 inches. A soft velvet travel storage pouch is included, and is definitely a difference that is very welcome if you travel a lot. We personally prefer this mirror’s design – it is very stylish and looks like something that Apple would come up with if they were in the business of making mirrors.

One more thing to mention is that you shouldn’t let brightness be a deciding factor, because they are both pretty much identical when it comes to this aspect. Therefore, this is a great choice if you are looking for something more stylish, that comes with a travel pouch, and is smaller.

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Lighted Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

What is a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

You know what a makeup mirror is, right? That thing that provides a reflection so you are able to apply your makeup to look your best.

Well, a lighted makeup mirror functions the same, but it also features lights to give you the best possible view as possible, enabling you to see fine details that you may miss when using a normal mirror. These lights simulate natural lighting so you can get a true depiction of how your face looks when you face the world.

Different Types

When it comes to makeup mirrors, there are a variety of different types to choose from. Being aware of the options that are available ensures that you will make the right choice.


These mirrors mount onto a wall, which makes them a popular choice for the bathroom. While some mounted mirrors can only be installed flat against the wall, many also feature an extendable arm that lets you tailor their position. This is beneficial not only because these mirrors take up less space, but also because you can adjust the position exactly to your liking.


Vanity mirrors feature a stand, allowing you to place them on any hard surface you would like. While some stand flat, many enable you to adjust the angle both up and down.


Magnifying mirrors are great when you need a close-up of your face for applying eye makeup, tweezing your eyebrows, or any other time you require a magnified reflection of your face. These mirrors are usually designed in a way whereby you can flip the mirror to view magnification on one side and normally on the other side. All lighted mirrors tend to feature magnification.

Different Sizes

Mirrors don’t tend to come in all shapes, but they certainly do come in all sizes – small, medium, and large.


Small mirrors are great for travel. While you shouldn’t expect them to be quite as good as mid-sized and large mirrors they definitely serve a much needed purpose. Just to make something clear, we aren’t talking about compact mirrors that fit in your handbag; we’re talking about mirrors that are small enough to fit into your suitcase.


Mid-sized mirrors can be portable or fixed. The majority of lighted mirrors come in this size, and for good reason too. They are just the right size to allow you to see fine details and your whole face, and are small enough to be moved anywhere in your home with ease.


It’s very rare to see large lighted mirrors, even online. They also tend to be very expensive so are avoided by many when a mid-sized mirror serves the purpose of applying makeup just fine. After all, many don’t see the need to also view their upper body in fine detail, so the demand just isn’t there. Large mirrors are always mounted onto a wall or fixed onto a dresser.

Why Buy a Lighted Makeup Mirror?

As mentioned, these mirrors replicate natural lighting. This ensures that you can apply your makeup perfectly, so there is no chance that you leave your home without your foundation having properly been blended, for example.

It’s a nightmare when you think that your makeup looks perfect, only to leave the house, at some point check your face in the mirror, and realize that you don’t quite look as good as you thought you did because of misapplication. You can be a natural at applying makeup, but without correct lighting the worst has happened to us all.

Of course, these mirrors aren’t solely used for makeup. They function like every other mirror in the way that you can tweeze your eyebrows, remove your cuticles with precision, check your hair looks its best, ensure all tanning oil is applied properly etc., and can also be used by men for a variety of purposes, although mainly for shaving.

Factors to Consider


Typically, the more you pay the higher the quality – unfortunately, this also applies to mirrors. Lighted models tend to cost around $30 – $200 and the price is dependent on the mirror’s size, finish, and overall quality, including durability.


As mentioned, there are three different types of mirrors to choose from. Only you will know which one you prefer, but it’s a good idea to figure out how much space you have to determine whether a mounted mirror of one with a stand is suitable, and how much magnification you require. Some models also feature side-view mirror panels, so that is another aspect to consider.

Bulb Length

This shouldn’t be too much of a concern, as most of the top rated lighted makeup mirrors have bulbs that can last as long as 20,000 or 40,000 hours. But if you buy a mirror that isn’t long-lasting make sure that the bulbs are easy to find and buy.


We’re sure that you want your mirror to match the décor in your rooms or bathroom fixtures if you’re thinking about purchasing a mirror for the bathroom. Do you prefer a modern looking mirror, or perhaps a vintage one?


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