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Z Wave Controller Buyers Guide

What is a Z Wave Controller?

Z- Wave is a form of wireless technology that enables various electronic devices to interact with one another. These electronic devices may include lights, thermostats, hygrometers, doors, and so on – in fact, you are able to control any device that is connected to the Z-wave wireless communication protocol.

A Z wave controller, therefore, can be thought of a single remote that allows you to control the TV, Blu Ray player, Sound System etc. instead of having to use several remotes that came with each device.

Why Buy One?

Purchasing one of these devices has several benefits. The most obvious one that springs to mind is just how convenient and simple it makes things. With a Z wave controller you have the ability to control all of the electronics in your home from any location, this even includes when you are out of town from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

There is also the cost saving benefits to think about. You can save money in the long run, as there is no need to purchase things like batteries to control each device independently.  You are of course also saving time, and being able to check things from one location can mean any faults are quickly noticed so you can fix them quickly without letting the problem and thus cost get out of hand.

Another great reason to purchase one is for the security and peace of mind it provides you with. When a home automation system is properly set up you can check in and control all of the devices from one location, such as the surveillance you have set up, or if there is a problem with the plumbing, ventilation, or lighting.

Factors to Consider


Price tends to be an important consideration in any purchasing decision. You may think that these controllers would be very expensive and out of reach for many. Thankfully, this isn’t the case, as good ones retail for a couple of hundred dollars.

However, if you need to control more devices you should be prepared to pay more. Many start with a basic starter kit before going all in to see if the technology is something that they can see becoming the standard if their home.

Some controllers also require you to pay a monthly fee to ensure everything is kept smoothly running. Therefore, decide if you don’t mind paying a monthly fee, or simply want to pay a one off fee.


It’s important to find out what kind of access you are given with each model. Some models may only allow you to control all devices when you are at home, whereas others allow you to access the hub and control everything when you are out of town. You also need to know if access is possible through your smartphone, tablet, and laptop or not.


Not all of your devices may be Z wave compatible, particularly if you purchased them years ago. An easy way to find out if a device is compatible is to check to see whether it has a Z wave logo on it. This means that is has passed a Z wave standard certification process.

Local vs. Cloud

Some controllers work through a local network that is only accessible in your home. Others, however, work through a cloud server which is certainly comes in handy and is a great idea if your home internet goes down.


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