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Image of Max EH-70FIf all this time you have resorted to using manual staplers and have finally seen the light, you have come to the right place to find the best electric stapler.

Electric staplers are an invaluable tool that can save you hours of stapling time over the course of a year, and are much more convenient and pleasant to use. They will leave you wondering why you didn’t start using one earlier.

We have listed six of the top staplers on the market, with options suitable for all budgets, volumes, and capacities. Be sure to check out our comparison table for a quick overview of each model and our buyers guide that can help you know everything you need to know.


Electric Stapler Comparison Table


 Image of GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler lectric Stapler Image of EX-25 Automatic Electric Stapler Image of Swingline Optima Image of Bostitch Impulse Image of Max EH-70F Image of Bostitch B8 Impulse
GM-X EX-25 Swingline Optima Bostitch Impulse Max EH-70F Bostitch B8 Impulse
Stapling Capability25 Sheets25 Sheets70 Sheets25 Sheets70 Sheets 25 Sheets
Low Staples IndicatorNoNoNoYesNoYes
Power Source6 AA batteries/AC Adapter6 AA batteries/AC AdapterManual (50% less effort)AC AdapterAC AdapterAC Adapter

Electric Stapler Reviews

GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler – 25 Sheets

Image of GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler lectric Stapler
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The GM-X Automatic Electric Stapler is able to staple up to 25 sheets of paper up to 5X faster than regular staplers. Best of all is how there is no chance of jamming occurring, and it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

You’re given a good choice of stapling depths to choose from (10), ranging from 0.2” – 1.6” with 8/10” intervals for better precision and a longer reach.

This stapler from Gizmomate is relatively quiet and is designed to be as impact-resistant and lightweight as possible. Reloading staples is a simple process, particularly as it takes standard staples.

The stapler works via an AC adapter that comes included or via 6 AA batteries, so you will probably want to stick to the AC adapter. If there’s one downside of this stapler it’s the number of batteries that have be used.

Having said that, you can staple up to 8,000 times before the batteries die, and 6 AA batteries for staplers is standard.

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EX-25 Automatic Electric Stapler – 25 Sheets

Image of EX-25 Automatic Electric Stapler
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This stapler is quite similar to the previous option, but has a couple of aspects that people may prefer over the other model. They are both very similarly priced too.

The similarities include the ability to staple 25 sheets, along with a jam-free guarantee. An AC adapter comes included, although 6 AA batteries can also be used that allow you to staple 8,000 times. They both have a lifetime warranty, are compact, lightweight, and impact resistant.

The main differences between the two include having 14 precision depth settings to choose from instead of 10, ranging from 0.15” – 1.65”, and the intervals are at 1/10” instead of 8/10”. The stapler is also ever so slightly quieter.

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Swingline Optima – 70 Sheets

Image of Swingline Optima
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This stapler isn’t actually an electric model, but we feel that is it worth a mention. This is down to its “Reduced Effort” design that requires 50% less effort to use than standard manual staples.

The fact that it can staple 70 sheets is another huge plus, particularly as electric models that do this can cost into the hundreds of dollars.

It isn’t just the act of stapling that is simple either. There is a QuickLoad that is true to its word, allowing for fast loading. Simply push the eject button, pull the magazine out, and get loading.

The stapler has a soft grip handle that makes it as gentle and easy as possible on your hands, has a jam-free design, and is backed by a lifetime warranty. One downside is considered to be its size – it isn’t particularly compact, even though it is advertised to be.

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Bostitch Impulse – 25 Sheets

Image of Bostitch Impulse
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This is one of the best electric staplers, particularly in terms of its value for money. It features a couple of things that other staplers on this list do not include, but come in very handy.

These things include a refill alert indicator that informs you of when you’re running low on staples (loading is also easy thanks to the stapler’s FastLoad mechanism). There is also a useful built-in magnetic compartment on the top of the unit that stores your tacks and paperclips, and an additional storage compartment to store your staples.

The stapler is 3X faster than traditional staplers and is able to staple up to 25 sheets at any one time. 5,000 staples come included, which is a real plus, and the stapler utilizes no-jam technology to effectively ensure jamming is a problem of the past.

One other thing you should know about this stapler is that it doesn’t take batteries. It plugs directly into an electric outlet instead.

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Max EH-70F – 70 Sheets

Image of Max EH-70F
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The Swingline Optima is a good manual choice for stapling 70 sheets, but if you really can’t do without an electric model the Max EH-70F is by far the best option.

The first thing you should know about this stapler is that it is very quiet. This comes as a surprise considering just how powerful the stapler is. Designing a powerful and quiet stapler is more challenging than you may think, but Max hit it out of the park with this model.

It is also designed to be able to staple as little as 2 sheets together just as effectively as 70 sheets.

This is a high capacity model, allowing you to staple up to 5,000 times without having to reload. The stapler takes flat cinch staples and they close flat so papers stack evenly and neatly every single time.

The Max EH-70F allows you to choose between automatic and manual stapling options, features a 12-foot power cord, has a safety shut-off feature, and is made from a combination of plastic and metal.

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Bostitch B8 Impulse – 25 Sheets

Image of Bostitch B8 Impulse
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The last best electric stapler to make the list is another model from Bostitch. It offers a good compromise between value for money, power, and all-round quality.

Just like other Bostitch models, the B8 Impulse staples 3X faster than traditional staplers, and features no-jam technology. There is also a handy refill alert indicator to inform you of when to reload the unit. Reloading is a simple job due to the stapler’s FastLoad push-button mechanism.

Keep in mind that the Bostitch B8 Impulse only takes certain staples. If you need to staple up to 20 sheets, use B8 PowerCrown 1/4-inch staples (5,000 come included); up to 45 sheets requires B8 PowerCrown 3/8-inch staples.

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Electric Stapler Buyers Guide

Why Buy an Electric Stapler?

The main reason for buying an electric stapler is to save time – often a drastic amount of time. Think of it this way: if you staple 100 documents a day and it takes 3 seconds to manually staple each one, this results in 5 minutes per day wasted. Add up all this time over the course of a year and you will discover that you are wasting hours on this one simple task, reducing your productivity.

This doesn’t even take into account all the time it takes to refill the manual stapler – many of which have low capacities compared to their electric counterparts.

Another reason is of course the convenience that electric staplers offer. No one wants to be sitting at their desk stapling document after document every day, particularly when an electric stapler can do the job in a matter of seconds. It’s not exactly great for morale.

Factors to Consider


The purpose of using a stapler is likely the most important factor to take into account. If you just need to staple 10 sheets every now and again, there’s really no need to pay more for a stapler that does more than you will ever need from it.

On the other hand, if you need to staple a high volume of documents on a daily basis, you don’t want to be left with a stapler that isn’t up to the task.

You also need to consider how many sheets a stapler is capable of stapling. If you regularly have to staple a 50+ page documents, one that can only handle 25 sheets at any one time clearly won’t do.

Power Source

The majority of the top rated electric staplers run on batteries, including rechargeable batteries that can save you money in the long run. But there are plenty that are corded and therefore require access to an external power source to function – these also tend to be more powerful.

If you opt for a model that runs on batteries, make sure that you check how long the batteries last, if at all possible. This way you won’t be caught off-guard when you have important documents to staple but are unable to do so. Even better is a staple that comes with a low battery indicator, although this is quite rare.


Don’t be that person who disturbs everyone in the office when you want to use your electric stapler. The majority of staplers are quiet, but some of the heavier duty ones that are able to staple through 100 sheets at once certainly can get a little loud at time.


This isn’t a major concern for some people, but for others it can be the deciding factor. Be sure to make sure that the stapler fits the aesthetics of your desk and wouldn’t look out of place. The size of your desk may be another consideration. Some people prefer smaller, more compact staplers if they haven’t got much spare room on their desk.


Price isn’t just dependent on quality, but also things like capacity, efficiency, and volume. Think clearly about what you require of a stapler before you set yourself a budget. You may have no choice but to increase your budget if an inexpensive stapler isn’t capable of what you need it to do.

Staple Remover

At one time or another we’ve all had to remove the staples we just stapled onto documents for whatever reason. Therefore, it may be wise to purchase a model that has a built-in staple remover that is able to remove staples cleanly.


In order not to waste time continually refilling a stapler, look for models that can store a large amount of staples at any one time. Some models also usefully inform you when you are running low on staples.

Positioning Guides

Staplers that come with positioning guide to ensure that everything you staple is neat and straight can prove to be invaluable, particularly if you need to hand out the documents to clients or bosses.

Storage Compartment

An electric stapler that has a built-in storage compartment is certainly a handy feature to have, so you don’t have to worry about running out of staples when you need them most.

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