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Image of Prince Lionheart Deluxe SnoozeShadeAs a parent, we’re sure that the moment your child was born you swore that you would do everything humanly possible to protect him or her as much as possible. This means being able to protect your child and provide a safe environment indoors and outdoors. Even as your young’uns grow up this natural instinct never disappears.

This is where a car seat canopy comes into play. The best car seat canopy ensures that your child is protected at all times from the elements and even from nosy strangers! Not all canopies are made the same, however, particularly when there are hundreds to choose from.

Therefore, we made sure to research and list the six top models out there that are made of the highest quality materials, provide all the protection your child needs, and are inexpensive enough that any parent can keep their child protected outdoors. We also wrote a buyer’s guide so you know how and why we came to these selections and to inform you of what features every parent needs to look for.

Car Seat Canopy Reviews

Prince Lionheart Deluxe SnoozeShade

Image of Prince Lionheart Deluxe SnoozeShade
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This model (also suitable for infant carriers) is one of the few canopies that has won awards and is even recommended by the Melanoma International Foundation for its ability to block 97.5% of harmful UV rays when in “Snooze Mode”.

Snooze Mode simply means snapping the front, gray panel up to provide a safe, dark environment so your baby can nap easily. In “Lookout Mode” (tuck the panel away), 80% of UV rays are blocked.

The canopy comes with two zippers. One to unzip the viewing window, so you can access your baby more easily; another zipper that allows you to check on your baby without waking him/her up.

The canopy is made out of mesh, making it great for warmer weather due to its high-quality, lightweight and breathable qualities. Therefore, keep in mind that you may want to purchase a different model for those colder months.

The SnoozeShade is also machine washable, which is another plus, and has a universal design to ensure that it fits all car seats and infant carriers.


Premium Carseat Canopy & Nursing Cover

Image of Premium Carseat Canopy & Nursing Cover
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This canopy is intelligently designed to act as more than just something that protects against the elements. Something that really sets this canopy cover apart from others is the way it has been designed to allow mothers modest coverage to breastfeed their baby.

The canopy features very soft materials, making it ideal for newborns, allows you to take a quick peek of your baby without having to lift the whole cover so not to disturb your baby sleeping, and also provides plenty of ventilation so your baby can obtain fresh air just fine.

This simply works by removing the canopy from the carrier or car seat and using it like a bib. Click on the link to the right to see how this works in action.

The company behind this canopy is also said to have one of the best customer service departments in the industry, which is always a huge plus and a sign that the company stands behind and believes in their products.


Summer Infant 2-in-1 Carry & Cover

Image of Summer Infant 2-in-1 Carry & Cover
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The Summer Infant 2-in-1 Carry & Cover is cleverly designed to not only protect your baby from the elements, but to also cushion your arm as you go about your daily activities, which is undoubtedly something that all mothers can relate to and will appreciate. The arm cushion features a generous amount of foam padding and has a non-slip backing.

The canopy fits any car seat just fine and also features a sneak peek opening so you can check on your baby without removing the entire cover and without disturbing nap time. It is also designed to be as hassle-free as possible in the sense that the cover can easily be store in the arm pad pocket.

Keep in mind that this is another canopy that is best used in warmer weather and in wet conditions due to its thin, breathable, waterproof design.


Barnaby Belle ‘Night’ Baby Car Seat Cover

Image of Barnaby Belle 'Night' Baby Car Seat Cover
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This model from Barnaby Belle is easy to use with its Velcro straps that ensure you are given full access to both your baby and car seat handle. The advantage of this is that you do not need to take the cover off to make any adjustments to either your baby or the car seat.

The cover is made from light, breathable material, so your baby is kept cool and provided with plenty of ventilation, making it ideal for warm weather use.

The fit is universal to accommodate all seat models and is very nicely packaged in a gift box, making it a great present too.


Infant Canopy with Window-Flap System and Bag

Image of Infant Canopy with Window-Flap System and Bag
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If you’re looking for one of the best car seat canopies that offers excellent value for money, then this is certainly the one. Not only do you get a canopy, but you also get a drawstring bag too. It is also one of the few models that is suitable for colder weather.

The canopy is easy to attach and remove. It’s refreshing to see that no Velcro is used. Velcro is quite noisy, so there’s less of a chance that you will wake up your baby in the canopy’s dark environment. An adjustable strap and elastic is used instead that ensures a secure fit on pretty much all models.

The canopy is also cleverly designed due to its unique Window Flap System that makes it easy to check on your baby and is useful for controlling light, temperature and ventilation, particularly as there are four pairs of snaps for ultimate adjustability.


Brica Infant Comfort Canopy

Image of Brica Infant Comfort Canopy
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The popular baby products manufacturer Brica has managed to release a canopy that is able to block 98% of UVA and UVB radiation, making it the best on the market for this purpose.

The canopy is easy to use and remove in just seconds with a design that is compatible with car seats and strollers, and also has a universal fit. Mesh fabric is used, which is known for its high quality, highly breathable, and lightweight properties, while also ensuring a good level of privacy.

The large zippered opening allows for easy access, due to the cover that protects from the sun and the panel both easily fold back.

One last thing to mention is the canopy’s reflective safety strip that definitely comes in handy for night-time visibility.


Car Seat Canopy Buyers Guide

What is a Car Seat Canopy?

A car seat canopy is a product that is designed to fit onto (over the top of) a car seat to protect your baby or child from the elements, such as the wind, harmful UV rays, cold weather, snow, and rain. Ideally, at least if they are well-designed, they are easy to install and should not affect the functionality of your car seat in any way.

Why Buy a Car Seat Canopy?

As mentioned, a good canopy is invaluable for protecting your child from the elements. This also means that there is no need to worry about going out in bright sunshine or cold and windy weather, as your child will remain comfortable regardless of the weather, allowing you to carry out daily activities no problem. They are easy to use and remove and are also inexpensive, so there really is no reason not to get one.

Besides the protection they offer, they are also beneficial because they allow your child to get some much needed rest – sleep is of course paramount for young’uns.

Different Types of Car Seat Canopies

There are a few different types of canopies on the market that you should be aware of.


If you’ve previously purchased a car seat then it is likely that it came with a canopy. However, these included canopies aren’t usually the best quality. Many are made out of low quality materials and don’t offer full protection. There are always exceptions, of course, but it’s more likely that you will spend less money buying each item separately if you are concerned with quality.


Replacement canopies are the only ones we have included in this article. This is because, as we just mentioned, they are of higher quality so are better to use as the main canopy.

Thick Materials

Canopies manufactured from thick materials are ideal if you live in colder climates or for the colder months of the year. They offer better protection against lower temperatures, the rain, wind, and snow.

Light Materials

While thicker materials are best used for the colder months, lighter materials are ideal for the warmer months. Mesh is one of the most common materials used in canopies designed for warm weather and ensures that your child won’t become overheated.

Factors to Consider

There are so many models on the market that it can be hard to wade through all of them and find the right one. Therefore, apart from viewing our recommendations above, it’s also important to get an understanding of how we reached our selections. We took all of the following factors into account and so should you.


Canopies are made out of different materials because each material serves its own specific purpose. You may have come across canopies that state that they are designed for winter use and others for summer use. For summer days canopies with mesh material are ideal, for example. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for parents to buy two canopies.

If you live in an area where the weather is similar all year round then you probably don’t need to be concerned with this. But if you don’t it’s definitely recommended to purchase two models to give your child all the protection he/she needs all year round.

Another factor to consider is to see whether the canopy is stain-resistant, as it’s inevitable that your child will make a mess. Or perhaps your child is more hypoallergenic than others, so canopies with hypoallergenic materials should be sought out.

Colors & Patterns

When it comes to colors and patterns it is purely down to preference and it can even be fun shopping for a canopy that matches the car seat or the interior of the car, or perhaps even choosing a color that is more suitable for a boy than a girl and vice versa.

Of course, it should go without saying that colors and patterns should be the least of your concerns, as quality of the materials and therefore protection is always going to be the most important aspect to consider.


Many canopies are designed to have a universal fit. In other words, it doesn’t matter what model of car seat you have, as they are certain to fit. We recommend purchasing these types of canopies because it can be challenging to find a canopy that is specifically designed for your car seat. It just makes life much easier and the quality of these canopies doesn’t suffer either just because they have a universal fit.

Ease of Use

It’s always a good idea to purchase a canopy that is as easy to use as possible. This isn’t usually too challenging to achieve, as many canopies are very well designed. However, if you are unable to check the fit and installation in person, make sure to read customer reviews to get an idea.

Full Protection

While this ties in with the type of material used, it is also a good idea to purchase a canopy that offers complete protection. What we mean by this is to make sure that your child will be protected from all angles. The best car seat canopies achieve this.


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