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Image of Royal Purple Max-Boost Octane Booster and StabilizerThe right octane booster can not only prevent detonation/pinging/knocking in your vehicle, but can really make a noticeable difference in increasing the power of your car too.

Unfortunately, there are too many boosters on the market that don’t live up to expectations and fall well short of manufacturers’ claims.

This is why it is key that you only purchase the best octane booster available, which can be quite a challenge considering just how many options are available.

Thankfully, we have done the work for you to find the top rated boosters on the market that fulfill their promises and are backed up by hundreds of happy car owners.


Octane Booster Reviews

Royal Purple Max-Boost Octane Booster and Stabilizer

Image of Royal Purple Max-Boost Octane Booster and Stabilizer
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This octane booster from Royal Purple is one of the very few on the market that manages to meet and even exceed expectations.

It is able to increase octane rating by up to a hugely impressive 30 points or 3 numbers. There are a host of other benefits too, though.

These include stabilizing fuel and reducing engine knocking, reducing power loss in computer-controlled vehicles, cleaning deposits from fuel injectors while restoring power and fuel economy, and protecting catalytic converters from phosphorus poisoning.

Formulated with MMT, a single can is able to treat up to 25 gallons of gasoline. If there’s a better performer and better reviewed octane booster than this one by Royal Purple on the market, it seems that no one has found it yet.

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Lucas Oil Octane Booster

Image of Lucas Oil Octane Booster
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The second best octane booster comes from Lucas Oil. It is comparable to Royal Purpose in several ways, but does suffer from a downside that may put some people off.

It is the second best booster because it has been proven to deliver 3x more boost than the majority of other boosters, with the exception of Royal Purple of course. It is also safe for oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, and turbocharged engines. If you have a carbureted or fuel-injected engine you’re also good to go.

Besides the ability to raise performance and stop knocks in high compression engines, many feel that it also increases torque with low RPMs.

The one downside to this booster is that it does have a tendency to cause build-up in both the valves and injectors.

A single bottle is also able to treat up to 25 gallons of fuel.

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104+ Octane Boost

Image of 104+ Octane Boost
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Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors, the 104+ Octane Boost from Gold Eagle is the original octane booster since 1975.

So it’s fair to say that the company knows a thing or two about increasing the power of your car, particularly as Gold Eagle supplies over 400 different OEM and private branded products into the majority of the top engine-related original equipment manufacturers and retail marketers.

Not only is power improved, though, but it is also able to clean fuel injectors along with the entire fuel system, ensures you get better gas mileage, and reduces knocks, pings and hesitation.

The only downside is that a single bottle is able to treat up to 18 instead of 25 gallons.

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Torco UL Accelerator Octane Booster

Image of Torco UL Accelerator Octane Booster
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The great thing about this product from Torco is that it isn’t just an octane booster that can raise the octane of your fuel as high as an unrivaled 105, but it also has a wide range of other benefits.

It is designed to cause no harm to sensitive oxygen sensors or catalytic converters, eliminates misfiring, shortens ignition delay, lowers emissions through more efficient combustion, eases cold starts, improves fuel thermal and storage stability, reduces combustion knock and noise, and  extends fuel system life by enhancing lubricity.

It can also be used for multiple high performance applications, including street or race cars, snowmobiles, motorcycles, RV’s, and more, regardless of whether your engine is supercharged, turbocharged, injected, or carbureted.

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CAM2 Octane Booster

Image of CAM2 Octane Booster
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If you’re on a budget but are still looking for a top rated octane booster, you can’t beat this 12 pack from CAM2. In total, you get 12 bottles that contain 12 oz. in each for the same price that some manufacturers sell single bottles for.

This would be impressive enough if the octane booster was moderately effective, but it is in fact comparable to much more expensive brands.

Not only does it increase the octane number in gasoline, but you also get the same additional benefits that more expensive boosters on the market offer. These include neutralizing combustion acids, protecting the fuel system from rust and corrosion, and of course acting as an effective treatment for pings, knocks and after-run.

The CAM2 booster can also be used with methanol and alcohol fuel mixtures.

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Blue Magic NA30 Turbo 108 Octane Boost

Image of Blue Magic NA30 Turbo 108 Octane Boost
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This is another product that offers excellent value for money. It is more expensive than the CAM2 Octane Booster, but you are getting 12 bottles with each containing 16 oz.

Besides causing no harm to oxygen sensors or catalytic converters, benefits include eliminating knock, hesitation and stalling, and increasing octane level while restoring lost horsepower and increasing anti-lock effectiveness.

It is safe to use in all gasoline engines.

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Octane Booster Buyers Guide

What is Octane Booster?

The clue is the name. An octane booster is designed to increase the octane level of gas in your car. The result of this is a noticeable improvement in power. However, this isn’t always the case. One of the reasons is because the octane booster used is of low quality. The other is because your car wasn’t built to run on 98+ octane fuel.

How Does Octane Booster Work?

Due to the addition of anti-knock additives in the bottled booster, the onset of knock is prevented when the booster is added to the car’s fuel.

The most commonly found additives include MMT, Ferrocene, Aromatic Alcohols, and Ethanol.

MMT, which stands for Methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbony, is most commonly used. Not only is it the best performer out of the four, but it is also more environmentally friendly and does not harm emission control devices. It is used to raise the octane of fuel in refineries worldwide.

Ferrocene is banned in fuel refineries in many countries. This is down to the fact that Iron Oxide is formed and causes a sharp decrease in an engine’s life by increasing its wear.

Aromatic alcohols are actually pretty effectively in increasing octane levels, but the downside is that huge quantities are needed. More importantly, they are also known to be carcinogenic.

Factors to Consider


Inevitably the better the octane booster the more expensive it is. However, when we mention cost as a factor to consider we also mean that you should keep in mind heavy duty applications. Racing, for example, is a heavy duty application and the cost of purchasing the highest quality boosters soon adds up. Sometimes it is better to use mid-high quality boosters if you’re planning on using a lot.


Performance is likely to be the most important factor to take into account. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, manufacturers’ claims often fall short of the increase in performance that you will actually get. This is why it is paramount to carry out due diligence and spend some time reading user reviews to see whether a certain booster lives up to expectations.


Just like how you don’t want to use the wrong type of gas for your car, you don’t want to use the wrong octane booster either. Not all boosters are compatible with every single vehicle out there – or more specifically, with every engine type.

Thankfully, all of the best octane boosters we have listed above are suitable for all engine types, regardless of whether you have a turbocharged engine, one that uses catalytic converters, and so on.

Bottle Size

Sometimes it is smarter to purchase a larger bottle than a smaller bottle, even if you aren’t planning on immediately going through the whole bottle right away. This is because purchasing larger bottles tends to work out cheaper than a couple of smaller ones.

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