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Image of Estwing E3-FF4On your quest to purchase a splitting axe we’re sure that you’ve noticed that there are no shortage of options to choose from. This can certainly make choosing the right one a complicated task.

However, we’ve done the hard work for you.

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We started off with dozens upon dozens of splitting axes, but have narrowed it down until just the best six remain. All axes listed are suitable for all budgets, and more importantly, have received very favorable reviews from less experienced and more experienced users alike.


Splitting Axe Comparison Table


 Image of Fiskars X27 Image of Leveraxe Splitting AxeImage of Husqvarna Large Wood Splitting AxeImage of Estwing E3-FF4 Image of True Temper Sledge Eye Super SplitterImage of Fiskars 375841-1001
Fiskars X27 Leveraxe Splitting AxeHusqvarna Large Wood Splitting AxeEstwing E3-FF4 True Temper Sledge Eye Super SplitterFiskars 375841-1001
Size(s)17", 23.5", 28", 36"36"30"14"36"36"
Weight Varies5.5 lbs. 4.4 lbs.4 lbs.6 lbs. 6.3 lbs.


Splitting Axe Reviews

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Image of Fiskars X27
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The X27 from Fiskars comes in 4 sizes: 17”, 23.5”, 28”, and 36”. It is undoubtedly the best splitting axe with over 3,000 5-star reviews that are more than justified.

The best aspect of the X27 is just how well-balanced it due to its perfect weight distribution that ensures swing speed and power is maximized.

The majority of the weight is focused on the axe head whereas the handle is designed to be lightweight. Lightweight doesn’t mean weak, though. The handle is impressively stronger than steel, making it impossible to break through overstrike.

The head is made of hardened, forged steel that is guaranteed not to chip or crack. In fact, because both the handle and head are so unlikely to break the X27 carries a lifetime warranty.

Let’s not forget that the head also stays sharper for longer compared to other axes and its low-friction blade coating is perfect for splitting through tougher logs. Performance is actually measured at chopping 3x deeper than similarly priced splitting axes.

If you’re a taller user or simply prefer a longer axe you will certainly appreciate the X27, as it features Fiskars’ longest handle yet. This results in increased leverage and thus power. If you’re not as tall, you still have 3 other sizes to ensure you find the perfect size for your frame.

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Leveraxe Splitting Axe

Image of Leveraxe Splitting Axe
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This 36” splitting axe from Vipukirves doesn’t come cheap, but there isn’t quite like anything like it on the market.

It features an innovative design that results in less force being required to split wood than others. This is down to the levering action it produces. There is no longer any need to get your first few heavy strikes perfect in the center solely to get a log to split in two.

Instead the same result is achieved by striking closer to the edges from the sides. This inevitably requires less effort on your part as the axe sinks into the wood.

This all results in a lightweight yet very powerful and effective splitting axe. In total, it weighs 5.5 lbs with the head weighing 4.18 lbs, making the axe suitable for all people with varying abilities to split wood like a pro.

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Husqvarna Large Wood Splitting Axe

Image of Husqvarna Large Wood Splitting Axe
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No article about the outdoors would be complete without having recommended a product from one of the best manufacturers in the game – Husqvarna.

This large wood splitting axe measures 30” and the head is hand forged from Swedish steel, so there is no doubting its quality. Due to its very sharp edge it is ideal for splitting medium-sized, thicker logs with ease – the head goes into the wood easily and requires minimal effort on your part.

There’s no doubting that the contoured hickory handle is comfortable, and due to its length you are able to generate plenty of power and can even use a two-handed grip. However, one thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t quite as forgiving on mishits compared to other options on this list.

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Estwing E3-FF4

Image of Estwing E3-FF4
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If you’re looking for a lightweight axe to fit in the backpack, you have found it in the USA-made Estwing E3-FF4.

This splitting axe weighs just 4 lbs. and is forged in one piece along with a nylon grip that excels in reducing the shock after each swing to keep it down to an absolute minimum. You’re still able to generate a lot of power though, which is surprising given the axe’s 2-3/8” cutting edge.

Rotate the axe and you’ll also see that you’ve got a maul on the other side, making the Estwing E3-FF4 a multipurpose tool that is invaluable for a wide range of tasks.

Simply put, if versatility, performance, and portability are important to you, you won’t find better than the Estwing E3-FF4.

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True Temper Sledge Eye Super Splitter

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The True Temper Sledge Eye Super Splitter has a rather traditional design to it yet its performance is anything but traditional.

The 36” handle features a fibreglass core and molded polypropylene cover that results in unrivaled strength and durability. If axes that slip or come loose have previously been an issue with others you have used, they won’t be an issue with this one. The same goes for overstriking too due to the True Temper’s cleverly designed permanent overstrike protection.

The axe head weighs 4 lbs. and is designed a little differently to others. Instead of incorporating a straight blade into the head’s design, it progressively gets larger from its base. This means that as you strike the wood, its fibers are pushed further apart as you complete your stroke. The result is wood that splits more easily.

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Fiskars 375841-1001

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It’s unlikely you are going to be able to find too many axes with a longer handle. So if you’re a taller user this is certainly the best splitting axe for you, particularly if you’re planning on splitting medium to large sized logs.

The axe is designed to have an ideal power and balance to weight ratio to give you the opportunity to swing more quickly, resulting in an axe that is able to pack quite a punch.

The blade is also cleverly designed to make it easy to remove from the wood for cleaner and more efficient splitting. This is achieved via the blade’s unique convex geometry.

The handle is similar to other Fiskar axes in the sense that it is very lightweight yet manages to be stronger than steel while also keeping vibrations down to a minimum.

All in all, if you’re looking for a well-performing splitting axe that features a long handle, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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Splitting Axe Buyers Guide

What is a Splitting Axe?

Some people seem to think that an axe is an axe and if you’ve seen and used one you have pretty much seen and used them all. However, this simply isn’t the case.

While they all technically do the same thing – chop wood, the manner in which they chop wood is different and results in some axes being better suited to certain tasks than others. This is why felling, splitting, carving, and cutting axes all exist and are sold.

A splitting axe, as you may have guessed, excels at splitting wood rather than cutting it. It achieves this by having a heavier head and duller blade that is able to split wood along its grain.

Factors to Consider

There are several factors to consider when purchasing the right splitting axe for you.


The very first question you need to ask yourself is, what jobs will I be carrying out with a splitting axe?

If you simply need to chop small pieces of wood, a smaller axe that has a small head as its main characteristic should be purchased. If you’re looking to split large pieces of wood, it goes without saying that a larger axe should be purchased. If you’re looking to cut both small and large pieces of wood think about a medium-sized axe, or better yet one small axe and one large axe.


The weight of the axe is one of the most important factors to consider, if not the most important. You will inevitably be striking a lot until you get the job done.

Therefore, while a heavier axe may have more power, it will also be more tiring to use. On the other hand, an axe that is too light may not tire you out quickly, but it will certainly require more strikes before you are able to get the job done.

It’s therefore a good idea to consider just how strong you are before deciding on whether you should opt for a heavy or moderately weighted axe.

This isn’t the only thing you need to consider. An axe should have a good compromise between the weight of the head and the shaft. An axe that has its weight distributed more evenly is easy to swing more accurately and thus effectively.

Handle Length

A shorter or longer handle each has its own advantages. A longer handle means that you can generate more power as you swing. A shorter handle, on the other hand, is easier to control and makes for more accurate strikes.

Even if power is more important to you than accuracy, keep in mind that if a handle is too long for you to comfortably use, it soon becomes apparent that the most powerful axe in the world will become useless, as you have little control over where the head lands.

If in doubt, it’s a good idea to use an axe you may already have lying around in the shed that is similar to the splitting axe that you want to buy to determine whether it is easy or not to hit your target.


When we talk of materials we are talking about both the axe head and handle. The head can either be made of hardened forged steel or carbon steel.

It is important that the head is made of one piece of metal with no apparent joints that could possibly weaken it. This is because an axe that does not adhere to this construction is not as sturdy and may struggle with heavy duty jobs.  Of course, you also don’t want to purchase a splitting axe that shakes or wobbles.

The handle can either be made of synthetic materials, fiberglass, metal or wood. We think that wood is a good material for an axe’s handle because it is lightweight, acts as a great shock absorber, and can also be replaced with relative ease if it every breaks. Although due to technological advancements in recent years this isn’t always the case.

Metal handles may be highly durable, but they pale in comparison to wood handles when it comes to absorbing shock. The axes also inevitably end up weighing more, which can make them difficult to control and tire you out more easily. What we will say, though, is that if you’re looking to buy  a small axe then a model with a metal handle is recommended.


The best splitting axe is one that it finely balanced. A well-balanced axe is important because it results in better accuracy and reduced head wobble when you swing away.

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