Best Shoes for Zumba

All of these shoes have been widely praised by those who participate in zumba classes, including zumba instructors in some cases. Therefore, you can rest assure that the shoes listed will get the job done.

Furthermore, clicking on any of the links below will take you to dozens upon dozens of reviews by those who each make their case as to why they think it is the best shoe for zumba. We have also made sure to include shoes that are suitable for all price ranges.


Zumba Shoes Comparison Table


RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe RYKA Women's Moxie Cross-Training Shoe Capezio DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker Bloch Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker Nene's Collection Dance Fitness Shoes High Top Sneakers Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker
RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe RYKA Women’s Moxie Capezio DS24 Rockit Bloch Amalgam Canvas Nene’s Collection Dancen High Top Sansha Motion
Breathable mesh upper
Padded heel collar
Lightweight support
Flex-Foil + Direct-Fuse midsole
RE-ZORB sockliner
Rubber outsole
Mesh and synthetic upper
N2-DM shock absorption
Dual Foam with N-Gage EVA cushioning
Precise-Return footbed
Rubber outsole
PU Nubuck and nylex mesh upper
Cushioned EVA footed
Flat boxed toe design
Rubber Outsole
Breathable mesh upper
Lightweight design
Exaggerated arch
Dri-Lex lining
Rubber outsole
Synthetic leather and mesh upper
Lightweight design
Extra cushioning
Rubber outsole
Breathable mesh upper
Lightweight, flexible design
Split rubber outsole
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Zumba Shoe Reviews

RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe

RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe
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The Influence Cross Training Shoe from Ryka features a breathable mesh upper to ensure your feet are kept cool and dry as you dance while also providing flexibility. The upper also features a padded heel collar for enhanced comfort, lightweight support thanks to the exclusion of sew overlays, and a lacing system that gives you better lateral support and more of a custom fit.

The midsole is certainly one of the best features of this shoe. Its Flex-Foil and Direct-Fuse layers guarantee a high level of comfort, while the RE-ZORB sockliner works effectively to deliver impressive shock absorption. The addition of N-Gage high rebound foam is another welcome addition that further enhances comfort and shock absorption due to being designed into the heel and forefoot of the shoe – the two areas most affected when engaging in zumba.

The rubber outsole is ergonomically designed and offers plenty of grip on all surfaces. Its clever incorporation of a pivot point is also much appreciated due to allowing for more natural movements.

You should also know that this shoe from Ryka is also surprisingly lightweight, which goes a long way in providing better comfort and reducing fatigue.

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RYKA Moxie Cross-Training Shoe

RYKA Women's Moxie Cross-Training Shoe
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Another model that makes the list comes from Ryka. The upper is made from both mesh and synthetic materials for breathability purposes, and also features a padded tongue and collar for better comfort.

Shock absorption, cushioning and all round comfort are all excellent. This is down to the shoes featuring a number of technologies, including the N2-DM shock absorbing technology, a midsole that consists of Dual Foam with N-Gage EVA cushioning, and an I.H.G molded heel reinforcement.

The Precise-Return footbed is also generously cushioned, and it’s also good to see that it is removable, so you can opt to wear a custom insole if you would prefer – e.g. if you suffer from foot problems, like plantar fasciitis, or simply have flat or high arched feet.

A couple of other features worth mentioning include the Moxie’s rubber traction outsole that also incorporates pivot points into its design, which is clearly important for workouts like zumba; and the shoe’s low impact and low profile design, which again are important aspects for a shoe designed for zumba.

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Capezio DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Capezio DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker
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This sneaker from Capezio is a lightweight shoe that has a number of aspects that make it one of the best shoes for zumba.

The upper is made from a combination of PU Nubuck and nylex mesh to ensure your feet are kept cool and dry throughout your workout. Furthermore, vents can be found on the shoe for enhanced air circulation, and the arch is also perforated for ventilation purposes.

Comfort is excellent thanks to the contoured and cushioned EVA footed that is also removable and works well to prevent your feet from tiring due to its impressive shock absorption capabilities. The tongue, collar and Achilles notch are also padded for added comfort.

The fact that a flat, boxed toe has been incorporated into the shoe’s design is another welcome feature, particularly as it makes for easier toe stands.

The PU outsole is non-marking, but the real talking point of the sole is how it features built-in flex points and a forepart spin spot, which are clearly beneficial for anyone engaging in zumba thanks to the improved balance and movements they provide.

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Bloch Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker

Bloch Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker
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The most inexpensive shoe on this list comes from Bloch, making it a good choice if you are on a tight budget.

Just like all of the other shoes on this list, the Bloch Amalgam Canvas Dance Sneaker features a breathable upper thanks to its mesh construction.

It is also a very lightweight shoe, ensuring that your feet won’t fatigue as easily, and has a flexible construction so you are given more freedom to move your feet more easily.

Arch support is good, particularly due to the arch profile being exaggerated, and the Dri-Lex lining is a welcome addition to further enhance breathability of the shoe.

The last thing to mention is the sole, which is non-marking and delivers decent grip.

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Nene’s Collection Dance Fitness Shoes High Top Sneakers

Nene's Collection Dance Fitness Shoes High Top Sneakers
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Perhaps not as well-known as shoes from other manufacturers on this list, this shoe from Nene has a dedicated following who rave about it being one of the the very top shoes for zumba and for dancing in general.

The shoe is very lightweight, which makes it great for the quick paced movements required for zumba. It features extra cushioning and impressive support (this includes around the ankles too), particularly considering its lightweight design, so your feet don’t fatigue as easily.

The Nene High Top Sneakers also feature a synthetic leather and mesh design, which is of course paramount in keeping your feet cool and dry throughout your workout. The sole also gives you a good amount of grip on all surfaces.


Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker

Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker
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One other inexpensive shoe we recommend is the Sansha Motion Dance Sneaker. Like all shoes on this list, the Sansha Sneaker features a mesh upper for breathability purposes.

The flexibility of this top rated zumba shoe is surprising, given its inexpensiveness, allowing you to twist and in general perform fast movements with ease. The lightweight design of the shoe of course also helps in this aspect; as does the support the shoe gives you.

The traction of the shoe with its split rubber sole can be said to be similar to other shoes on this list, particularly the models from Bloch and Capezio.

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Zumba Shoes Buyers Guide

What Makes a Great Shoe for Zumba?

When it comes to finding the very best shoes for zumba there are a number things one should consider. By ensuring a shoe ticks all of these boxes you can rest assured that you will be able to get the most out of the fitness program, and just importantly will stay safe in the process without incurring any injury.


Zumba sure is intensive so you need a pair of shoes that has a high level of breathability to give your feet plenty of room to breathe to stay cool and dry. This is typically achieved via a mesh type design or ventilation panels.


A good shoe shoe should always be lightweight. A lightweight shoe ensures that you can dance freely without your feet getting weighed down or fatigued easily.


A shoe that is durable is important regardless of whether you’re performing intensive cardio or not. The last thing you want is to spend lots of money on a new pair of shoes only to have them wear out after a month or two. Due to the intensity of zumba, you clearly want a shoe that is built to last and can handle the pressure you put it under.


A shoe that gives you plenty of grip is important first and foremost for its safety aspect. Having plenty of grip is also important so you can perform routines successfully too.


There’s no doubt that good shoes are those that give your feet ample flexibility for the quick movements that zumba entails, such as twisting, turning and pivoting.

Shock Absorption

It’s no secret that zumba consists of quick movements that put your feet and joints under plenty of pressure. In order to minimize the pressure felt you must ensure that a shoe takes it as easy on your feet as possible via its shock absorption capabilities.


Comfort is more of a blanket term, as it consists of ensuring that a shoe features many of the things listed above. These include a lightweight design, flexibility, breathability, shock absorption, in addition to a generous amount of padding, arch support and ankle support.

Why Purchase Zumba Shoes?

You may be wondering why you shouldn’t just use your current trusty pair of sneakers instead of purchasing one of the recommended shoes below.

Well, there are three reasons.

Avoid Injury

There’s no doubting that zumba is a very physically intensive activity that requires a range of fast paced movements. If you aren’t wearing a pair of shoes that give you both flexibility and grip then the likelihood of injury increases significantly due to unintended slips and trips.

Avoid Foot Fatigue

A shoe that puts as little pressure on your feet and takes it as easy as possible on your joints ensures that your feet not only avoid injury, but also fatigue so you can dance for longer.

Look Good

Everyone loves to look as stylish and fashionable as possible – it’s just the society we live in whether you agree with it or not. Wearing a stylish pair of shoes gives you confidence and results in classes that become more fun and enjoyable as you purely focus on the movements instead of being judged by others for what you’re wearing.


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